Electric Heart

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GM: User:Fweeba Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 24 October 2017

Dr. Sophie Everett, a representative of Advanced Frontier Cybernetics, a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp, hired the runners to take a different job for a man named James Foster, who needed something stolen from a warehouse in Tacoma. The runners were contracted to complete Foster's job, let him finish making the item, and then to turn the item over to them.

Foster turned out to be the famous Dr. James Foster, a pioneer of cybertechnology who'd worked for the corps for years. The "combat drone" he'd wanted retrieved (which the runners did easily) turned out to be a chasis that he'd planned to use as a body for his wife Miriam Foster, who'd died in an accident decades ago, but whose brain he'd kept carefully preserved with alchemical preservation preparations in expectation of being able to bring her back. Miriam awoke in a robot body, though carefully prepared simsense feeds made her think that it was a real physical human body: the Doctor didn't think it would have been good for her mental health to receive all the news at once.

At this point the runners faced a choice: turn the doctor and his wife over to Advanced Frontier Cybernetics, or help the two to escape. There was considerable debate among the runners over the best course of action, particularly Spite, who had substantial suspicions about cybernetic technology driven by his own history. Eventually they decided to help Dr. Foster and his wife find refuge with the Draco Foundation, and to engineer an overload (with the doctor's help) of his lab's fusion generator, wiping it off the map. Actaeon then told the Johnson that the doctor had been trying to upload his own brain into the combat drone, had gone crazy, and the lab had detonated; it was a tough sell, but she ended up believing him (though didn't pay the runners the promised money).

Foster and his wife escaped to Northern UCAS, where Foster agreed to publish a last paper posthumously, so that the secret of brain-death revitalization would not die with him.

Electric Heart