Entre Acere

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Welcome to Entre Acere

Entre Acere (/ˈentɾe aˈseɾe/, Spanish for "Among Friends") is a luxury resort located at Havana's expansive and sunny beaches. It is designed to harmoniously combine Havana's exotic culture with the modern advantages of technology, offering both the traditional vacation experience while making sure that none of the Sixth World's necessities go amiss.

Aside from the main building, multiple poools, hottubs, bars and spas adorn the resort grounds. Entre Acere even comes with its own private beach! Among the bars, the most extraordinary is perhaps the in-pool bar "Oasis", where getting drink refills and meeting new people can be done while relaxing in cool water. Related cabanas and villas of variable sizes are available for renting.

Main Building

The building in and of itself is a fifteen-story tall form-meets-function structure that has been proofed against the tests of time and supernatural storms. The ground floor is made up of a lobby with Check-In as well as a nice and relatively upscale streetside restaurant by the name of Casa Dulce Casa. For more formal occasions, the restaurant "Romero's" one floor up is home to the kitchen of gourmet celebrity cook Michael Romero and his team, while the adjacent Jazz Club "La Cortina Roha" can provide an elegant conclusion to an evening well-spent. The third floor is equipped to let guests enjoy exercise and relaxation alike in its fully stacked gym complete with sauna, or for those who don't wish to sweat, the Zen Den club. For those who wish to be productive during their vacation, the fourth floor facilitates this with a computer room as well as a rather comprehensive library for its size. As an explosive finisher, the salsa club on the roof "Bayamo" makes the hot nights in Havana even hotter and is regularly one of the city's party hot spots.


TBD Options:

  • Single or double bed
  • XL or regular
  • Basic (Medium) or Plus (High)
  • Penthouse
  • Villa