Every Nook And Cranny (run)

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GM: User:Teo222 Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 31 October 2018


Runners are invited to The Edge, a fancy elven restaurant and hired to defend a van of valuable equipment going from Tacoma to Downtown.


Apparently news of this cargo has spread far and wide, and the Underworld is abuzz with the news. There are several attempts on the security team, both frontal assault, infiltration and espionage is tried but runners get the best of the opposition at every turn.


Even social hacking is tried as a stampede of people swarms over the runner convoy but they are dispersed with a few stern words and runners successfully deliver the cargo to the FutureTech Johnson who gladly pays them and is off to produce better and faster cyberdecks with the newly acquired gear.

On All Sides

Every Nook And Cranny (run)