Fashion Victim (Run)

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GM: User:Ring Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 10 February 2019

A mystery broker reaches out to gather a team to rescue a badly lost fashionista. Mr Johnson, a dwarf running crisis PR firm Corp: Image Solutions Incorporated, has gotten wind that a popular fashion blogger has been kidnapped by gangers demanding a ransom of ten million nuyen or they kill him at midnight. The modestly talented fashion blogger Mortimer Gilbert — also know as @Mister_Mortimer — was on a guerilla shoot in Puyallup when he was snatched up by the Seventh Street Shankers, who believed — erroneously — that he was heir to or CEO of the Mortimer of London fashion brand.

Tracking Gilbert's Cheep posts and the photo geotags, they track him to the turf of a small one-block gang called the Predators, a friendly and cheerful bunch who point them to the last known location of his commlink in exchange for a modest fee. They find his broken link, and Wan smells blood — and combat drugs. They repair the commlink enough to pull the last images taken with it and make out the badge of the Shankers. Their plan is to let Wan get kidnapped by them.

Wan drives around their turf for a while until her bike is hacked and she gets robbed at knifepoint. She pleads with them to let her join their gang, and that she's useful — proving it by repairing the bike quickly and under duress. She's taken back to their headquarters, where she meets and is questioned by Skulfraggar, the Shankers' decker and the brains behind the operation. She bluffs her way into being allowed to stay, then gathers information to discover the identities of Shanq — the leader — and his lieutenants Dex and Wizalon.

Presence possesses Dex and the team try to run a con — claiming to be interested in paying the ransom if they can be given proof of life for Gilbert — in hopes of having Dex sent to check on the prisoner. Unfortunately, Shanq just messages his mum, whose apartment Gilbert is being held in, and has her pop downstairs and provide proof. Leaf shatters the mana barrier protecting the base and sends a spirit to attack Shanq, at which point his troll bodyguard smashes through two walls to protect him and punches the spirit back to its metaplane. Presence persuades everyone to go and guard the prisoner, as a mage is obviously trying to mess with them, and Shanq agrees.

Over at Shanq's mum's house, the Shankers disperse and guard the area while Shanq, his troll guard, "Dex" and Wan hole up with his mother. Weasel noises lure them into a side room, where Wan and "Dex" ambush and kill Shanq - then, joined by Leaf, finally manage to wear down the troll. They stabilise the bodyguard and examine him, determining that he has been heavily personafixed by Skulfraggar and that he's sporting not only some very expensive bioware but also physical adept powers. They leave him in an alley to take his chances and escort the shaken Gilbert from the premises, while Presence takes Dex out into an alley and lets her K-10 comedown knock her out before finishing her off.

Gilbert is introduced to Mr. Johnson, one of Wan's sources is lifted from the Barrens and set to work for the Mafia, and all is well - for now.

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Fashion Victim (Run)