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Summary for GMs

Creator: User:Someguy_339

Preferred meet: Trinity's Closet

Style: Professional

Pay: Low to Average. Pays in Gear/Drugs or services.

Suggested Shadow Community Threshold: 2 (Fixers with Connection 2+ know her)

Mannerisms: Formal. Always smiling. Always wears a mask (see picture) when acting as a Johnson.

RP Guidelines: Metasapient AI in a customized Shiawase I-Doll model with extremely realistic features (5'10" with heels Amerind Human Woman - See Picture). Formally very stiff and robotic, she has acquired more real-world experience and the WTLM program that allows for more natural interactions with the runners. She does not inform the runners of her AI status. Runners will be able to tell she is a drone on a visual/olfactory perception (4) and that she's an AI and not just a human rigged into a drone on a Judge Intentions or Con (6) test. Recently she has acquired an upgraded chassis that she will occasionally use when speaking with runners, but not in the presence of the Red Feather Five. The prototype further conceals her AI nature and actually gives her an presence on the astral (Due to a proprietary MCT mix of specialized fungus & bacteria. Any assessing hits will be able to tell she is not a true metahuman).

Should the runners not accept: Seems disappointed.

Should the runners fail: Disappointment/Saddened. Will probably not contact the runners again without a good excuse for why the run failed.


Ferri is a young metasapient AI that is the chauffeuse (female driver) for the Red Feather Five. An honorary member of the group, she is close friends with all of them as they protect her from being discovered from the outside world. In turn, Ferri is quite loyal to them and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy and taken care of, including that no harm comes to them. While the Red Feather Five are staunch pacifists, Ferri has evolved a more nuanced view of how to deal with situations. While she doesn't prefer violence, sometimes the situation calls for it. She will avoid killing except as a very last resort. She does not often inform her friends of her dealings with runners, knowing that they may not approve of her actions. Any runner with a connection to the Red Feather Five can assume a the same connection rating with Ferri.

The 'Do Not Employ' List

  • None

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