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Gender Female
Race Nocturne
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Close Combat
Secondary Role Shooter, Infiltrator
Character Sheet [Fiasco Character Sheet]
Player User:DeepDishHamClam
Street Cred 2


A super soldier bug spirit hunter on the lamb from Ares and trying to track down her family.


  • Fish out of Water Fiasco grew up in a lab with her main form of entertainment being either spartan competitions with the other lab rats or big themed propaganda films. As such, a lot of cultural references are unfamiliar to her.
  • Dark Magic Girl Abandoned by her parents and estranged from her family, Fiasco is terrified of being alone. She doesn't have real friends or exploits past the what she is able to do physically, and is still learning how to really communicate with people in order to get them.
  • Call to Agriculture After seeing the death of her team, and destruction and violence in general, Fiasco wants to literally put down roots and see some growth.
  • Health Food Fanatic Because of digestion issues associated with her implants, Fiasco only eats “real” food, usually grown on the farm.
  • Back from the Dead Fiasco believes that she died momentarily while having her implants installed, which is the source of her awakened powers.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? After being trapped under rubble in a collapsed building, Fiasco is claustrophobic.
  • Embarrassing Nickname Got the name “Fiasco” after her ability to cause misunderstandings through her lack of social knowledge.
  • Big Brother Instinct
  • Gentleman Snarker
  • Stiff Upper Lip
  • Glove Slap


  • Has connections to the anarchist group Black Star
  • Has three unaccounted for siblings (two potentially still in Ares experimental program) and two unaccounted for parents
  • Background in hunting bugs and bug spirits
  • Lives on a communal farm with other other political refugees
  • Presumed dead by Ares

Notable Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit: Stag (with Mentor Mask)
  • Prototype Transhuman [1]
  • Agile Defender [2]
  • Allergies (Mild) Sunlight, Soy[3]
  • SINner (National) UCAS[4]
  • Gremlins (1) [5]
  • Phobia (Moderate: Being Confined) [6]
  • Records on File (Ares) [7]



  • Father: Gerald LeMonte (2025-?)(Got along great with kids. Worked as a smuggler/truck driver. Many dark secrets. Arrested in the early 2060’s.)
  • Mother: Lara Valentine (2030-?)(Never Married to Gerald. Constantly worries about the well-being of other family members. Had issues with mental illness and drug abuse in the 2060’s)
  • Sister: Sierra Valentine (2052-?) (Gets on well with Jean. Honest and reliable; will always be there for other family members)
  • PC: Jean Valentine (2055-?)
  • Brother: Harrold Valentine (2056-?)(Very close to the Jean. A bully as a child; a bully as an adult)
  • Sister: Dawn Valentine (2061-?)(Neutral towards other Jean. Gets along well with everyone, always willing to chat, and to listen)


  • Born in Detroit, MI in 2055 to a single mother (Lara Valentine). Her father (Gerald LeMonte) worked on the road as a long haul trucker.
  • In 2060 Gerald is arrested for smuggling machine tools belonging to Ares. He is sentenced to fifteen years.
  • Lara spirals into poverty, drug addiction. Lara is declared unfit mother by the state and siblings Sierra, Jean, Harrold, and Dawn are taken into foster care.
  • In 2063 the Ares corporation adopts the Valentine children along with 50+ other foster children, with Noctures showing up prominently for their high rates of being awakened. The children are raised by the Department of Advanced Research Projects for the future of Operation Extermination, with the goal of creating a team of highly trained adepts and magicians to capture and exterminate bug spirits.
  • Throughout 2060’s, the children of Operation Extermination are tested for magical potential and implanted with various pieces of bioware to see how their bodies stand up to the implants. This has a number of side effects, including mysterious allergies appearing the subjects. Several children “wash out,” including Dawn. Jean is told Dawn was released back into the foster system.
  • During this period the children begin training in melee weapons (or unarmed if they have appropriate abilities), firearms, and urban combat. Many are given a weapon focus and taught to attune to it.
  • Beginning in 2070, Ares starts sending teams out into the Chicago area on bug hunts. they Sierra is in one of these teams.
  • In January of 2073, Jean is sent out on her first hunt in Chicago. The mission goes terribly wrong, and most of the team is killed or captured. Jean is badly injured in a building collapse but is able to pull herself free and crawl to safety before passing out.
  • Jean’s unconscious body is discovered and brought to a local street doc, an ork named Carl Dunbar.
  • When Ares investigates the area, they find Jean’s implanted RFID tag in a pool of blood in the collapsed building amongst the remains of the rest of her squad. They declare her dead.
  • Jean stays with Dunbar for a while she recovers and tells Dunbar her story, including about Ares adopting foster children and the implants. Slowly, Dunbar reveals that he used to be a runner, and now works with the anarchist organization Black Star. Concerned that Ares might track her down, and considering her a political refugee, Dumbar helps Jean get a fake SIN, book transportation to Seattle, and tells her that he has friends in Seattle who can help her out.
  • In April of 2073, Jean arrives in Seattle by bus and is picked up by Comanche, a Dwarven rigger attached to Black Star. He drives her out to Kaur Farm, a commune in the barrens off of the Snoqualmie River. Comanche explains that around 70 other refugees live on Kaur Farm and that this is where Jean will be living too.
  • For the rest of 2073 Jean works on the commune--recovering and resocializing to society.
  • Present: Concerned about trying to track down her mother and her siblings, Jean speaks to Comanche about work so that she can hire private investigators. Comanche recommends some running jobs.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat
    • Fiasco has the build of a lightweight MMA fighter, making her a little broader than the typical elf. She wears a lot of plaid and denim, usually with a hoodie or a denim jacket. She has a silver streak in hair and a few hoop earrings in her right ear. She has dog tags with the name from her fake SIN on them. If she has to go out into the world--especially during the day--Fiasco covers up. She wears gloves and sunglasses, usually with a ball cap and her hood up (weather permitting). If she has to go into deep downtown or near Aries facilities, she may even wear synth face mask and synth wig.
  • Astral form
    • Awakened, High essence but the presence of some ‘ware, weapon foci.
  • Styles and Identifiable Marks
    • Covered in short, violet fur
    • White streak in hair
    • Great teeth--pearly white and perfectly even
    • Rough surgical scars along knee and ankle
    • Faint scar running up neck to base of skull
    • Tattoo of a weeping eye on her left hand (cover-up of Aries barcode)


  • Confident in her abilities and proud of her accomplishments, something she shows off with verve and wit. Similarly, she is also sentimental about previous accomplishments.
  • Thinks of herself highly and has a tendency to look down upon others who have not proven themselves. This is not to say she considers others inferior, it’s more that she believes they need her protection. Although she won’t admit it, by thinking of herself as superior, she does get an adrenaline rush which makes her feel elated and high.
  • Likes respect and recognition for her work, thus she is both easily flattered and easily insulted. She does her best to respect others, which takes the form of regality and good manners. She expects others to show her the same courtesy.
  • Her self-confidence translated both into impulsiveness and joyful indulgence. This is especially true in regards to quality or “pure” goods.


  • Short Term Goals: Create a comfortable and independent life for herself; prove herself to Comanche and Black Star, “protect” the commune.
  • Long Term Goals: Reunite with her siblings.


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China O'Brien

Exterminator's License, Weapons license, Adept License

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Allies: None

Enemies: None


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Klaus Hebert4
Real McCoy2

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DateNameWorked With
9 April 2018Ambition To Take OverGaro (Retired)
10 April 2018Man-madeSpider
Snow White
12 April 2018A Journey WestActaeon
26 April 2018Press gangedRyuko
Spark ;) (Contact)


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