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John Ace - Flyboy.jpg
Gender Male
Race Human, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4
Primary Role Rotorcraft Rigger
Secondary Role Insertion & Extraction or Recon
Character Sheet [Sheet]
Player User:Cliff
Street Cred 0


An upstart Rigger who specializes in all things Aerial, but prefers Rotorcraft. Piloting Teacher by day, shadowrunner by night.


Improbable Piloting Skills Watching Flyboy do his work is something out of a simesense sometimes...

Extreme Doormat It's amazing he can function sometimes with how much of an Omega he is.


  • Owner of a Rotorcraft with some mods that are best.. left concealed.
  • Quite Oblivious to most social manipulations, an easy mark so to say.

Notable Qualities

  • "Designated Omega" He goes out of his way just to never lead, it's quite the oddity.
  • "One Born Every Minute" There is gullible, then there is easy nuyen...


Growing up to a well-off Family, Flyboy spent most of his youth until his late teens quite sheltered from the world. This didn't stop him form pursing his hobby of learning about all things Rotorcraft, even getting his own piloting license so he could make money to get a proper Control Rig. That's what he tells his parents anyway, in realty he made the money to afford most of his stuff running in the shadows, and plans on continuing that well into his life.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Besides the short blonde hair and obvious control rig, he looks like a normal mundane human. There's a quite visible scar over his face, but on closer look it seems quite cosmetic.
  • Matrix persona: Looks like a tie fighter pilot from Starwars, but with a rainbow helmet.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Always wears a bomber jacket and goggles when flying, no one knows why.


Shy, only speaks when he feels the need. Calm and Collected, though prone to losing his cool.


The Classic Runner, just wanting enough Nuyen to live like a Corp CEO! Well, and to make his dream rig.


Aerial Ace

John Ace

Restricted Drone License, Restricted Aerocraft License, Pilot's License


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