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Run Chain


Chain based around a new area north of Glow City. Aztech's interest in the area for it's magical potential was thwarted for a time in Scouting The Field (run). Will it eventually form into a commune protected by runners paid for by certain interests, or philanthropists, or become just another corp facility or something else entirely.

Locals/Interested Parties

  • Zeke
    • Half-cybered old man who used to run with the Gen Z gang. Wants to make the area more prosperous in a peaceful manner.
  • Gen Z
    • A heavily cybered biker gang of mostly septuagenarians and octogenarians. Their leader is Little John.
  • Mayor Danny Williams
    • Current Mayor of Redmond. Very corrupt. Looking to make a profit off the land.
  • Rusted Stilettos
    • Local ork and troll gang from neighboring Glow City. Have recently received a large influx of weapons.

General Run Ideas

  • Counter-Ops
    • Lot's of parties might want to claim this nice piece of possibly valuable land, of course there's some opposition awaiting.
  • Development
    • Making this budding commune independent and profitable might be worth it enough to someone to pay runners to procure gear/people/resources.
  • Do you have a permit for that?
    • Even if not directly opposed to this, many a people in charge might be scorned by the fact they don't have a finger in this cookie jar.
  • Alliances
    • All of the aforementioned problems might be easier to deal with some friends at your side.
  • Magic Craziness
    • This place is a really nice place to live because it's a mana line, but also near glow city and toxic with certain magicians trying to cleanse the area. Who knows what could happen.

1 October 2019Scouting The Field (run)Wan
4 October 2019Peace Be With YouJazz
Miss Chief
Someguy 339
8 October 2019Keeping it LightJazz
War Doll
Someguy 339
9 October 2019The FittestHurricane
14 October 2019You Can't Spell "Nuclear" Without "Cruel"Jazz
Someguy 339