For The Gods They Named (run)

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 30
Date: 4 Mar 2019

Shinji Imagawa is upset that his hotel got blown up, but stoically accepts this as the cost of doing business and makes moves to de-escalate the growing conflict between organised crime interests.

Just kidding. He hires a shadowrunning team to kill, capture and intimidate his rivals in as messy and gratuitous a fashion as possible.

The team meet him at the bombed-out Brier Hotel, which is now very visibly defended by heavy assault drones. In the meet he makes it clear that innocent people being killed is not a concern, and is largely considered a net benefit to the task, prompting Snow White to ditch the meet and refuse the job. Imagawa proposes four tasks:

  • Kill Kaz Yakamura and anyone within twenty feet of him, and burn down his Renton restaurant, the Yon Hing.
  • Destroy, with extreme prejudice, every car in a Bellevue hotel parking lot.
  • Kidnap a particular woman with facial tattoos from the Kenren-kai controlled Underworld 93 nightclub in Puyallup.
  • As a bonus objective, plant illegal drugs on a certain city lawyer.

The team agree to these tasks, although not without reservation on the murdering front, and begin to tackle the jobs in that order. Outside, Brick mentions to the team that the lawyer is in fact David Green, boyfriend to Ice Hawk — the team decides to not fulfil this bonus objective.


Monty and Onyx pose as health inspectors to scout out Yon Hing, quickly discovering that it is not the kind of restaurant that gets inspected and is in fact a Seoulpa Ring front. Through the magic of DNI and Harrier's knowledge of Korean, Monty manages to turn it all into a big joke and they are not killed and rendered down for their organs and cyberware. They discover that Yakamura isn't there, so Jet and Brick follow up the other lead and visit his address in Tacoma, which he happens to share with his crotchety mother. They learn that he's at the courthouse trying to retrieve his impounded motorcycle - following the trail, they discover his Nodachi in the impound lot and Yakamura smashing up the reception desk because his bike isn't being returned. A quick hack later and the stealth-tagged bike is retrieved by its terribly upset owner, who returns home to an ambush by Monty and Onyx. Unfortunately, it turns out that Yakamura is 'wared up to the eyeballs with discreet augmentations, but after a quick brawl he's stuffed unconscious into the trunk of Monty's car. The team steal one of the Ring member's cars, pack it full of fuel - and Yakamura - and drive it directly into the restaurant, where it merrily explodes.

On a quick stop in Bellevue, the team make short work of the hotel car park, leaving flaming wreckage and general mayhem in their wake and evading the police en route to Puyallup.

Knowing relatively little about their final target, the team's research brings up a name - Sayuri - and her general air of mystery accompanied by subtle whispers of witchcraft. Monty infiltrates the club, trying to get information and a meet with Sayuri. His wish is granted after he commands an ork heavy to take him to her, a decision he's soon to regret as he is walked into her lair through an astral gateway. After trading some casual chat, Monty is ruthlessly mind controlled and rapidly gives up the team's goals before being manabolted into unconsciousness. Unsatisfied with this conclusion, Harrier threatens Sayuri with the destruction of the entire club and its inhabitants if Monty isn't released. This negotiation goes poorly and ends in Sayuri's ally spirit being blasted into nonexistence with a laser cannon from Harrier's VTOL. Brick, Onyx and Harrier's drone are dumped onto the scene in drop pods and a general purpose brawl breaks out: Brick smashes his way through the roof and a large barrier spell, shrugging off mind control spells and closing quarters with Sayuri; Harrier takes care of the yakuza inside and outside, and Onyx plugs Sayuri with a solid sniper shot, knocking her unconscious. The team patch Monty up, stabilise Sayuri and escape back to the Brier Hotel to deliver the package and get paid.

For The Gods They Named (run)