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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 11, 1 notoriety
Date: 25 March 2019


KOMO Seattle: Up and coming trid star Rose Darlington is set to star in her first trid show, a neo noir crime triller "Forget me not" opposite veteran trid star Sean O'Connor. There has been some controversy that the position was given to her over other actors because she is the wife of Director Michael Darlington, but the stuido has denied any such allegations. Rose is known for her short but very successful modelling career before she decided to go into acting.

For the past week Rose has been apparently stalked by someone both on the matrix and in meatspace. This has unnerved the trid star and her director husband. Trying to avoid going to the cops as it will lead to a news leak and PR scandal, the couple hires runners to find and get rid of the problem without killing the stalker and in as non violent way as possible.


The meet took place at the Darlington house in Bellevue. A modest house owned by an up and coming but not yet a hit successful director. The runners find sensor tags in Rose's room which they disable. Rose tells them she has hired a 24x7 bodyguard, Bob. She, Mike and Sean would be attending a late night talk show to promote "Forget me not". Before that she would be going to her tailor to pick up a designer dress. The runners were asked to always stalk her (with her permission) but stay away from Rose so no one notices that she is dealing with criminals, thus avoiding another PR disaster.


The runners set up positions, with Wan turning into a bird and keeping watch on Rose. Nothing seemed to be off except the fact that they find out Bob is sloppy and likes to drink on the job. Due to his alcoholism, he took a brief bathroom break and then the two got in a car and drove away after which the team learns from an announcement that there is a naked unconscious man in the men's room and that the stalker had disguised himself as Bob and is driving the car with Rose in it. They discreetly let Rose know about this as Wan pursues them in bird form. Arsonist takes a more casual approach and slowly drives behind them. Wan attempts to get but has to turn into a metahuman form and smash her way in when she sees and armed stalker waving the gun menacingly. The shocked stalker tries to shoot Wan but Rose with lightning quick reflexes takes the gun away, bails out of the speeding car, lands relatively safe and starts shooting the car. The stalker, almost expecting this to happen (to Wan's surprise) too bails out and crashes the car along the pavement, most of the impact being nullified by Wan. Arsonist comes and picks up Rose, who cannot believe she pulled off such a stunt and seemed surprised at her own capabilities. Wan chased after the stalker who went into an underground rave, shot rounds into the floor to set the crowd into a frenzy and slowing Wan, who had to assume bird form to keep the chase on. This took a heavy toll on her physique. Finally confronting the stalker and assuring she means no harm, the stalker tells her he, Jason "Guns" Walker, is Rose's husband. Rose apparently was a runner called Elizabeth "Rose" Walker who after an MCT run was shot in the head and was assumed dead till she reappeared as a model and actress with amnesia, hence her sudden abilities to do remarkable stunts. She only remembers her runner name which has now become her real name. Gunz wants to use a chipware with a simulation of all their shared memories to bring her memories back. He also warns that Matsumoto, an MCT man shamed and fired after the run has a personal vendetta against the runner team that did the job. He has killed two of the runners and plans to kill Rose since he know he had failed to kill her last time. He also came after Jason who took his daughter (Rose and his) and went underground. He warns that the talk show would be a risky place, after which he ran off.

During the talk show Rose was ambushed by monowhip wielding yakuza thugs. The team along with a disguised Gunz took them down saving Rose and Mike. During this time the runners had confirmed Gunz claims and explained the situation to Rose, who did not believe them but agreed to meet the stalker. Using the chipware she partially regainer her memories and had to make a tough decision. To go back to her runner husband and 5 year old child, abandoning a lucrative career as an actress or abandon her child and husband to proceed with her new life with Michael as a successful actress but also remain a target for Matsumoto who would not stop hunting her especially while she is easily visible in media. She realized that Mike took her in when she was vulnerable cared for her and gave her a new life but also the fact that he took advantage of an amnesiac woman and made her an actress to become a successful director as well as using chipware to actively suppress her past memories to not just keep her insomnia in check but also to keep her with him. In the end Rose chose her older life and her child. Mike was furious about the while issue blaming it all on the runners.


The attack on Rose Darlington and mysterious disappearance sensationalized the show "Forget me Not". Despite her absence the show (already filmed) was a hit. However, the series could not be renewed for season 2 for obvious reasons. Mike's contract was cancelled and Megamedia found the controversy to be harmful in the long run, severing ties with the director who's wife has a hundred controversies floating on the matrix. From scammer to runner to even secret vampire. Matsumoto continues his hunter but with Gunz and Rose leaving Seattle for good, his influence to hunt them is limited.

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Forget Me Not