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From Mombasa is a series of runs in Africa, spurred by an unknown disaster devastating the Ethiomalian territories. Exactly what's happened is unclear, but intense magical phenomenon are part of it.

The Setting

The Ethiomalian Territories were previously an incredibly isolationist country, and the aftereffects of that isolation are noticeable. Flight over the territory is repulsed by potent military-grade automated defenses, though some (relatively) more safer corridors can be found. Matrix access on the coast or borders is nonexistent due to incredible amounts of noise; further in, wireless devices may function, but their ability to communicate with anything farther out is usually cut off. Strange magical phenomenon, such as spikes of highly localized background counts, mana lines with permanent spell effects and materialized alchera are common. Many cities have been destroyed or overgrown with jungle; people have commonly SURGEd or latently awakened or burnt out.

Don't try to fly in the Ethiomalia; the automated air defenses are very aggressive.


In Mogadishu and the surrounding area, English is the most common language by far. In other places in the horn, Arabic and Somali dominate; further inland, Amharic is the most common. English and Arabic are generally comprehensible throughout, though it is possible to find pockets of people who have no English or Arabic speakers among them.

Matrix Access

Wireless access inside the Ethiomalian terriories is limited. Some areas (especially along the coast, away from Mogadishu) have incredible noise; inside the nation, however, wireless is available, but it's generally impossible from within Ethiomalia to communicate wirelessly with people outside the country, and vice-versa, without some sort of special assistance (like a dedicated line).

Dramatis Personae

  • Aaron Kimball represents Extremis Ground Advanced Limited, a shell company ultimately owned by another company called Not A Front. Extremis is building up a compound in the ruins of Mogadishu, for what they claim are humanitarian purposes. A substantial portion of their workforce is made up of orks.
  • Fawzia Camil Cumar leads a small group of recently-awakened shaman in the jungles north of Mogadishu. She has recently agreed to not oppose Extremis's activity in Mogadishu in exchange for suitable tribute.
  • The remanants of the Ethiomalian defense systems are still active and largely unknown -- however one AI has already been noticed. Caution is advised, and whatever you do, please don't try to fly.

Runs in the Chain

17 November 2017From Mombasa, Pt. 1Phoenix
21 November 2017From Mombasa, Pt. 2Phoenix
23 November 2017Speak SoftlyActaeon
26 November 2017God Knows It AllAshurbanipal
30 November 2017Down Comes the NightAshurbanipal