Fury Road

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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 19
Date: 28 April 2019


Ares developed a prototype biofertilizer that has the potential to revolutionize the agri industry. Aztechnology the global agri leader doesnt like that and won't stop till they get their blood magicy hands on it. Ares anticipated that and hired runners, not to transport but act as uninformed decoy. The runners are told they would be transporting important cargo but all they'll transport is a fake. Ares wants the runners to fail so Aztech gets their hands on the fake and spends millions deconstructing the elaborate fake. The real cargo is being transported in secret by an Ares convoy. To make sure Aztech gets their hands on it, Ares will discreetly drop info on the runner's location in real time.


The meet took place at Auburn in an Ares secret garage, where the runners were briefed about the job but the part about them being a decoy was omitted. The Johnson sabotaged the Mack Hellhound transport, the runners will be using so to ensure the runners fail. The runners are suppossed to deliver the cargo from Seattle to Detroit, crossing a small stretch of SSC and a large stretch of Sioux Nation.


The runners get intercepted first at the UCAS-SSC border by some biker robbers, who prove to be no match. But the ensuing chaos sends the checkpoint on high alert. The runners smash through the checkpoint causing a border violation but manage to escape SSC troops by bribing their way into Sioux Nation. In the wildlands of Sioux Nation the runners are attacked by a pair of Aztech HTR choppers who are taken down after a big fight. During this fight they discover the HMG was loaded by useless gel rounds instead of ex-explosive. They also discover a transponder being used to broadcast the location of the truck. As the runners remove the thing, they get chased down by a Sioux warband of augmented warriors, a bulldog, several morgans, a nodachi and a jeep with a blood shaman. Despite the odds the runners persevere and manage to deliver the truck to the destination, Detroit. The Johnson is not pleased and tries to sleaze out by offering less pay but the runners convince him to instead raise the pay. Not wanting to wreck Ares' rep in the shadows and lose his job, the J agrees, sad that he cannot embezzle the money and keep it for himself.


Aztech got neither the real cargo nor the fake one.


Fury Road