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Gender Female
Race Elf
Aura Type Mystic Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Face/Mage
Secondary Role Combat Mage
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:emingy2
Street Cred 0


Former Ghost with Tir Tairngire, released from duty after suffering a psychotic break and a traumatic incident.


  • Ghost operates under her old military call sign.
  • Ghost is extremely knowledgeable on Magical Things
  • Ghost is extremely perceptive.
  • Ghost prefers Rifles over Mojo.
  • Ghost is friends with Steve Anderson - more on that if you ask nicely :).

Notable Qualities

  • Bad Rep - She is accused of executing her entire squad of Ghosts during an ill fated Black Op.
  • Driven - Steve told her that Sean was alive. Now she has to find him.
  • Poor Self-Control (Combat Monster) - She just doesn't know when to quit.


Riley Thompson is a former operative of the Tir Tairngire Peace Force. She was born into a loving family of seven and is the eldest daughter of the family. Her brother Elliot is the eldest son and firstborn of the family. From a young age, she exhibited an enhanced ability to both land and absorb blows that a girl her age should not be able to. During one of these childhood fights, an older retired gentleman intervened and gave Riley a stern lecture on using that strength to protect the weak rather than prey on the strong. He also encouraged her parents to consider enlistment if they could not sway her from her combative nature – a recommendation they took to heart. Riley spent the better part of her teenage years constantly involved in fighting of some sort, from learning Quarterstaff Fighting to the elven-specific martial art, Carromeleg. When she turned 28, she enlisted and the first to hear of her decision (outside of family, of course) was the aging gentleman. (She thanked him for his kind words.)

During her early years of service, she spent many months out of country and during one particularly stressful engagement, she looked at the leader of her enemies and muttered to herself, “You should call for a ceasefire.” In that moment, the man’s eyes clouded over and he lowered his weapon, shouting, “Ceasefire!” Unable to act of his own volition, she stood and spoke to their commander. “Throw away your rifle, and surrender.” The clatter of the man’s rifles hitting the dirt followed by the insurgents’ surrender startled her men – and her. Following this miraculous incident, she was called into a room with her CO and – as you may have guessed, the aging gentleman was present. They questioned her and the gentleman determined that she was Awakened – but not your typical Adept or Magician. The gentleman suspected since they first met that she was a bridge between the two… one of the fabled Mystic Adepts. (He’d only seen two prior to her in his 40+ years of service.) Revealing himself to be retired Colonel Augustus Karn of the Tir Tairngire Ghosts and adviser to the Peace Force, he recommended the Sergeant be sent to Selection for the Ghosts. The Character submitted her application – with a recommendation from the Colonel – and passed through Selection with relative ease. The Character would go on to have a 4-year long career in the Ghosts before the incident which broke her.

When returning home from a black operation in the Bogota War Zone, she received a frantic call from her mother that her youngest brother, Sean, had disappeared after storming up to his room the previous evening. Something had happened – he had bruising on his arms that he didn’t even try to explain, and it had already been 24 hours since he had disappeared. She told her not to worry; they’d already reported his disappearance to the police. Riley broke down over the ‘link and kept saying “No.” crying all the while. She and Sean had been close while she was in the Peace Force and he always reminded her before she would leave that she was his hero. The rest of her squad tried to console her and calm her down, but to no avail. She shoved men out of her way, threw her rifle in the back of one of their vehicles and tore off the base in a hurry. It wasn’t until she reached home that she realized that the MPs had followed her the entire way – along with several detachments of the local police. As they attempted to restrain her, a familiar (albeit slightly raspy) voice caught her attention. “Now fellas, lower those weapons, would ya? Can’t you see she’s not a threat.”

“B-but, sir, she –”

“I know what happened, Sergeant. Your CO filled me in 30 minutes ago. Now, if you don’t comply, I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you and your men to said CO for insubordination. Now, lower your weapons. Let the girl go talk to her folks. I promise you, she’ll do whatever you want but you have to give her this.” He looks at her and she see tears forming. “Riley… I’m so sorry.” Her eyes say ‘Thank You’ but the words are trapped in her throat. Torn between whether to run inside or hug him, she stands there for a moment biting her lip. She turns and runs to the door, removing her helmet in one fluid motion as she burst through. Her whole family is present and praying and for a few brief moments, she collapses and sobs uncontrollably. She asks to see his room and approaching it, feels what appears to be a faint echo of power – something she hadn’t felt since the day she awakened, but immediately dismisses the feeling, believing it to be just her mind playing tricks. She returned downstairs, hugged her folks once more and returned outside. As she sat down in the back of the MP’s cruiser, the reality of what had happened set in and she suffered a psychotic break. The MPs thought she was just dealing with things but upon arrival, she did not leave the vehicle when instructed to do so. Catatonia set in and for three days, she wouldn’t move from a chair they had put her in. When she finally broke free of the catatonic state, the Ghosts promptly gave her a mental evaluation. Despite passing it with flying colors, the doctor offered her a way out – a Medical Discharge for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She gave it some thought and decided it would be for the best. Much as she wanted to say that she was mentally capable of performing her duties under pressure, she didn’t want to risk the lives of her compatriots and approaching the thought of going back to her life as a Ghost threatened to bring on the catatonia again as it reminded her of her brother. She left Tir Tairngire and worked various odd jobs around the world, from serving as private security for local diplomats to fighting on the front lines as a private contractor in the Az-Am conflict.

While in-between missions in Bogota, she received a tip from an old friend from her days in the Ghosts – Steve Anderson – He told her his intelligence network caught wind of the name Sean Thompson and rumor was that he was operating in Seattle under the runner identity, “Fulcrum”. This caused Riley to jump back. When she squeezed Steve for more intel, his hands shot up. “Look I don’t know much else beyond what he’s told me. What I can tell you is this kid is a mover. He’s been on my radar the past five years and…”


“I DIDN’T HAVE A FUCKING NAME TILL 72 HOURS AGO!” He puts his hand over his face. “If I knew he was related to you, I would have told you the second I knew it and no later. But I didn’t. Look, if you want to chase this, that’s on you. My guy saw him at Dante’s Inferno. He seems to frequent the place. That’s as good a place as any to start.” He raises his hand and continues. “I’m sorry for my outburst, that’s not me. I know how much this information means to you. This is a one-time deal, Riley. You don’t owe me jack.” He looks me in the eye. “I seriously hope you find him. You know what the shadows do to movers. They get shoved into the limelight and bam! So much for finding them anymore. Oh, and next time you’re in Seattle and want to get trashed at a local bar, call me. I know a place that I think you’ll love! Take care, Riley.”

“You too, Steve. And thank you.” She kills the feed and settles back in her chair. “Sean, if you’re out there… I’ll find you.” She toasts to Steve in thanks for the intel and opens a new communication line. “Richard, it’s Ghost. Listen, how much is a flight to Seattle gonna set me back?”

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Shoulder-length Blond hair. Character tends to keep it bound in either a ponytail, a bun or braided. Light Blue eyes. Muscular for an elf.
  • Astral form: Similar to physical form but with glowing blue eyes, appearance reminiscent of Celtic warrior with robes.
  • Matrix persona: None. She's awakened. Never visited the Matrix once.


Warm and receptive to new people. Extremely defensive of friends, and reckless in combat (to a fault).


  • Find (formerly dead) brother.
  • Bring family back together.
  • Make some damn nuyen.
  • Live life to the fullest.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


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16 December 2019Phantom EchoesSnow White
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26 February 2020Cleaning the StreetsBlues
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