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Gender Male
Race Human, UCAS/Japan
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Fighter
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet Character Sheet
Player User:SinisterZinn
Street Cred 0


Glorious Nippon Steel! The most Samurai street sam, with a heavy emphasis on the tenants of Bushido. No drugs, No 'ware, No guns, just honorabru combat


Hot Blooded



Desire to be The Greatest Swordsman!


  • Failed member of Renraku Red Samurai project (Due to politics and stubbornness)
  • Seeking a rematch with the swordsman who scarred 98% of his body but didn't kill him
  • Wants to get back family sword and armor from Red Sam training ground in Satsuma

Notable Qualities

  • Code of Honor: Path of the Samurai
  • Distinct Style: Looks like an early Edo era samurai


Super long, and incredibly weeby, indepth story which amounts to a "tl:dr" of flunked out of Red Sam training, ended up being sent away to the UCAS to escape with his mother. Believes he has murdered the only friend he made, and should have died to the swordsman who sliced him to ribbons for bumping into him/not giving the correct amount of respect. Aspires to defeat the swordsman and reclaim his families heirlooms.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: An well built man of average height, with a wiry physique and a hint of japanese features to his face, rarely seen without his traditional

Edo era styled red and black armor with a simple black Gi underneath or his collection of weapons. He has a serious and determined mien to him at all times, as if every decision is backed by the weight of his entire being.

  • Astral form: A completely garbed up Edo era samurai, with the markings of Shimazu on the shoulders and back of his armor
  • Styles and symbols known for: Always appears dressed for combat, usually in his replica Edo era armor, but almost always dressed in a gi with a uwa-obi to secure his weapons to.


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Tadahisa Satsuma

Adept License, Bodyguard's License, Weapon License


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