Glimpse of Hope

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GM: User:Teo222 Runners:
RVP: 10
Date: 7 October 2018


A spooked Johnson requires runners' help finding his friend who had a weird encounter with some vamps. He didn't seem to be affected, and even affected vampires adversely. The Doc Johnson was running some tests but his friend soon went missing. Geodesic alone showed up to the meet and arranged the details and got the info.


Having a looksy around the Doc's clinic she found some non helpful footage of the kidnapping and a homeless person witness, also got in contact with Spider and got some help for the mission.

Swift brawl

Some spirit search shenaniganz later, they found a suspiciously cheap street clinic in a slightly run down part of Tacoma. And decided to barge in guns blazing, killing 2 vampires and 2 humans in the progress. Located the Mark soon thereafter and discovered the place is secretly making some people disappear and draining them.


Johnson and the kidnapee were both quite pleased with the end result and everyone was quite happy. The Doc continues his work on would be vampire toxin/vaccine/McGuffin.


Glimpse of Hope