Gone Girl: Gone Off The Deep End

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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 08 March 2019


Josie, a middle aged SINless woman working in Touristville is anguished at the disappearance of her daughter Samantha. With law enforcement being no help she turned to the shadows to find out what happened and bring her back.


The meet took place in Josie's apartment complex, in Touristville.


The runners started off with investigating Samantha's room, finding her interest in punk rock and Hollywood being recently replaced by religious sermons by a certain Mother Supreme. They then went to the strip joint Samantha worked in and discovered that she left her job after paying all her dues to her handler and even broke up with her street doc boyfriend from the Brain eaters. Apparently she was not satisfied with the fact that she was born mundane and with the help of Sister Dorothy aka the Mother Supreme, wanted to ascend to her awakening. But to join she had to give up all her cyberware, so she could be "pure" again. Her friend Candy, also said that she was losing her mind, drawing strange symbols with her blood, something the runners saw at her apartment wall as well.

The runners end up following the paper trail to find a contact number for the "Communion of the Chosen", the cult responsible for all of this. The runners faked their interest in joining and managed to set up a meeting. Meanwhile a meeting with the nerdy boyfriend revealed he has been stalking his ex gf, suspicious of her sudden change in attitude. The runners use that info and go investigate her last known location, beyond the RHN territory. The runners find an abandoned school building been converted as holding cells for the new recruits, who were in a catatonic state. The basement led to the abandoned sewer tunnels of Redmond where they confront Dorothy and her posse of cultists in a sacrificial chamber. They learn it is a shedim cult and they were killing the recruits to possess them with powerful shedim spirits. Before she could sacrifice a catatonic Samantha. The runners fought a tough fight but managed to kill Dorothy and a few of the shedim. Only to realize that these shedim have some kind of super regeneration, making them hard to kill even with magic, dismemberment or targeted shots. Realizing the fight is tougher than before, they grabbed the prisoners and ran for their life. The shedim were slow to chase.


The team were able to successfully excise the binding brand and return Samantha to Josie. The death of Dorothy, their shaman, will slow down the cult but some of the shedim survived and they will stop at nothing to replenish their ranks.

The Little People

Gone Girl: Gone Off The Deep End