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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 10
Date: 11 March 2019


Daisuke Kobayashi is a Shiawase wage slave who had promised his beautiful daughter, Fumiko's hand in marriage to the son of his superior. After the engagement but before the wedding, she apparently eloped with a secret lover. Fearing for her safety and their honor, knowing full well if news gets out, they'll be forced to commit seppuku to avoid dishonor. Thus avoiding the cops or shiawase corpsec, he requests runners to bring back his daughter safe.


The meet took place at Tacoma harbor, in a shipping container. Daisuke gave the last letter Fumiko wrote to her family, asking them to forget about her. The writing style felt odd. Daisuke told them that she took a lum sum money with her when he ran away and the runners should bring back that money as that will be their pay.


The runners used her mefeed page to see that there are no photos of her lover, but they track down her best friend, Hannah Jameson, at the art museum to learn about the affair. All 3 of them used to hang around occasionally and Hannah supported their plan to elope, however she was worried why Fumiko hasnt contacted her yet. Reluctant she gives up the name of the lover: Johnny Ryan, an elf, along with his picture and address in Tacoma, not far from the Shiawase ET zone. Investigating that the runners learn that its a high end housing almost exclusively used by members of the Ko-mun-go ring and was being used by Johnny as a bolthole. MissChief does some mischief with a korean mobster, much to the dislike of his girlfriend and learns that Johnny is a con man who traps beautiful, gullible girls and sells them off to prostitution to either the Korean ring or the elven syndicate Laesa.

The runners managed to use a contact to find a Laesa owned strip club/brothel in Tarislar. They came in contact with Fumiko who has now been biosculpted into an elf and chip modded into a bunraku like doll. The runners 5000 nuyen to spent some time with her during which they planted a tracking chip. Onyx's car, lacking any security was stolen by some ancients kids. Barely avoiding a violent encounter and understanding intimidation wont work, they used tact to get the car back, which now had an ancients paintjob. Using this to their advantage, they used B&E to extract a sleeping Fumiko and escape the place, using a street doc to remove the chipware and restore her former personality.


Fumiko's family were glad to have her back safe. Unfortunately the runners due to their course of action were not able to find Johnny, who is still at large. Lacking any connections with the Laesa, Korean mob or ancients, it might prove difficult to track him down.

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