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Gender Male
Race Elf, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 5.5
Primary Role Face
Secondary Role Distraction
Character Sheet [PDF]
Player User: Geoa


Grande is a face with vast delusions of grandeur. He's spent most of his life committing crimes of varying degree, mostly robberies so he can continue living a life of class. Grande lives life as if he is the lead role in the most legendary trid there will ever be, and that most other people he meets will be lucky if they get mentioned in the credits..


It's not what they don't have, but how they live with it: Maybe a slight exaggeration, but Grande really doesn't like them. He makes his money doing crime, why can't all the poor people do something like that?

Con Man: It's all about the con.

I'm the star: Grande can hide his narcissism for a short while before he has to let everyone know how great he thinks he is.

We're at the top: Grande's growing levels of drug abuse are less about what the drugs do and more that he can


  • He said what?: Grande doesn't take well to insults. Usually he gives the other person a chance to apologise before he loses his cool.
  • Anyone do blow?: Grande just doesn't feel like himself without a line of novacoke. He's never said no to free drugs and is likely to head off to the bathroom to do a line if he's bored.

Notable Qualities

Good Looking and Knows it: Fuck, I'm handsome.

Poor Self Control: Attention Seeking: Why isn't everybody looking at me?

Prejudiced (Common, Biased): Low lifestyles and below: You live in where? Isn't that a... C Zone?

Grande is a long time criminal, short time shadowrunner. Whilst breaking and entering during the night is the more safe and technical way to steal a bunch of jewellery or boxes of new tech, Grande had a thing for the show. He preferred the adrenaline pumping of the smash and grab. Being a thief his whole life has lead Grande to meet a variety of unsavoury people and an eye for some bigger work has left him getting in contact with a fixer he knew a while back.


Grande had a fairly boring childhood and teenage years. He's always yearned for something more exciting in life. He would do all the things that the other kids were scared to do, growing more confident every time that he wouldn't get punished. He's never really been punished, shouted at sure, but who cares? After leaving school and having the whole world in front of him, he wasn't sure what to do. Something he read on the matrix some where popped into his head, 'Fake it until you make it.' That seemed fun.

Grande spent the proceeding years talking his way into clubs, restaurants and events to hang with all sorts of people. This was a fun period, he lived for essentially free under various people by falling into their entourage. Grande is likeable at first when he can subdue his arrogance and lick other people's boots if it's deemed profitable to him. Although impatience finally sets in and finally acts the way he is, self important and over confident.

Eventually he grew tired of not being the star in his own life, that's when he started with crime. Grande eventually managed to ditch his SIN when he was in his early twenties. Well, he managed to scrap together the funds to have someone else do it. Grande with his new found freedom started doing slightly bigger work, he wasn't one for particularly careful planning. Most of the solowork he did himself was with looking at previous robberies by other people and following the same procedure at different locations or at places with similar layouts.

Grande did a job for Frankie Foxtrot, he wanted to create some interest around one of his musicians with theft of their merchandise. Grande played along and that's how he met his Fixer and got introduced to the shadow running world.

Appearance and Style

Grande loves his suits. Usually opting for whatever the newest fashion is, you probably wont catch him wearing the same once twice.


The adrenaline, the fame.


Luke Brown

Fake SIN (R4). [Firearms License, Driving License] Grande's only active Fake SIN currently. He really should get another

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Robert Slynn2
Frankie Foxtrot2
Raymond Ortenz2

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Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
19 January 2018A traitor to his own kindAshurbanipal
Spark ;)
21 February 2018Roguishly TraitorousAshurbanipal


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