Hail Mary

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GM: User:TheBloodMantis Runners:
RVP: 8
Date: 15 March 2019

The runners were hired by Craig to look after his sister and her Uni classmates on a field trip to Touristville. The runners were made to escort them around whilst they were talking to people and getting data about how people live. The runners first ran into trouble at a bar called the 'Shiny Scalpel', where one of the group attempted to buy drugs, and said drug dealers where not happy about not getting a sale. The runners defused the situation. Next the runners headed to a charity shelter in which one of the girls pushed a kid over, and caused the locals to get mad. The runners then beat up a lot of hobos and poverty affected people.

After that fight the runners headed to a bazaar inside of an old shopping mall. The runners run into trouble when the group had a camera stolen, which was recovered by one of the runners, though at the same time some of the students were getting kidnapped, which the runners promptly stopped after a short fight. Once done the runners then returned the group to a safe area and they were paid for their work.

The Little People

Hail Mary