Heavenly Strike

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 10
Date: 21 March 2018

Runners hired by Dennis Daniels to infiltrate and steal from a military base 300km south west of Chengdu that used to be derelict and barely funded, but recently received a lot of money and resources thanks to Saeder Krupps sponsoring of operations in Shu. They come up with a good plan to infiltrate, find an escape hatch that they can use for exfiltration, and scale the electrified monowire fence while hidden thanks to Spider's invisibility and clever Matrix tactics. Using a supply elevator to get into the bowels of the military base, they employ high risk tactics to get past various stationary guards and eventually make it to the items in question: two swords. Two spirits are evaluating them, but they are taken out by the runners, though in doing so Wan comes in contact with one of the swords, which sends her into a paralytic, spiritual shock. Spider locks down the base, Ice Hawk shoots his way out with controlled environments, and the runners escape. During their travel back to civilization, they struggle to get Wan out of her paralysis and Spider uses her newfound magical powers to separate the aura of the sword with Wan's, who then, through personal strength, finds her way back to reality.

In the end the runners decide to hand the swords over to the Draco Foundation, screwing over Dennis Daniels, who blacklists the runners. Wan, Ice Hawk and Spider receive 1 Notoriety, but destroy two powerful artifacts that could have been used to further the evil spirit's great ritual.

Journey To The East

Heavenly Strike