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Gender Female
Race Elf
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 2.08
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Sneaky + Social Infiltrator
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Drakir
Street Cred 0


Elven Social BioSam.


Cool Shades

The Gambling Addict

Nobody Touches The Hair


Things that could be useful for a GM to know to further tailor the run for your character, or would make you entertaining to take on a run. Could be stuff like

  • Gambler. "Wanna bet I can make that shot?"
  • Hates the Halloweeners with a passion. - The only good Halloweener is a dead Halloweener!
  • Talks well about ghouls openly. - Well, you see, non feral ghouls are just trying to fit in society and should be given SINs if they wanted.

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Mild Phobia Fire. Helix avoids even small fires like candles. She checks for emergency exits and stuff like fire extinguishers when entering a building. (-1 to rolls when in presence)
  • Social Appearance Anxiety. The clothes makes the woman. Cleanliness is a priority.
  • Dependents. Helix is addicted (if mildly) to gambling.
  • Favored, Outspoken. She speaks well of ghouls, often openly. Will probably don't kill a non feral ghoul.


- Jessa and her (half)sister grew up in various bad parts of Seattle. Her mom is an elf prostitute and her dad unknown (at least to Helix). Most of her friends growing up were ork or human. As an elf in an ork neighborhood, she had to compensate and learned to be really good at shooting. She joined a gang that hired themselves out as muscle to different syndicates/gangs. This made Helix familiar with most of Seattle and she learned how to handle herself in combat.

During one of her courier jobs, she ran into shadowrunners. She heard what they got paid for what she thought similar work that she did for peanuts. Got into contact with their Fixer and Seattle had a new runner. She has since then invested most of her earnings into augmentation.

Jessa has a burn scar on her right shoulder courtesy of a Halloweener Molotov cocktail. She is not a fan of the Halloweeners and is very wary of any kind of fire. Her sister got hurt way more seriously, and had died were it not for a ghoul former medic. Unfortunately, her sister (Emily) got infected.

Because Jessas sister Emily is a ghoul, Jessa will openly defend non-feral ghouls and when she can work for their rights in society.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Good looking elf woman in her 20s. Long blond hair. Wearing a Berwick dress with an armored jacket on top as protection from the Seattle weather. No obvious cyber except a datajack. She's very fast and has a fluid movement, but could be just female elf. The only obvious weapon is a baton. Can sometimes be seen carrying a dufflebag.
  • Astral form: ---
  • Astral signature:
  • Matrix persona: Woman in beautiful blue, waterlike fashionable dress
  • Styles and symbols known for: ---


Your character's personality


The driving motivations of your character. Why do you run? What are your long term goals?

  • Money.
  • Kill Halloweeners
  • Metahuman rights. At least for ghouls.


If your character picks up any nicknames or titles in play, they can go here. Optional, though.

Fake SINs go here, listing licenses

Athena Ellis

Licenses: Private Investigator's License, Concealed Carry license, Firearms, Cyberware

Name: Helix

Chargen: Standard