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Rebbeca 'Hell-Jumper' Chapman.jpg
Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.1
Primary Role Street Sam
Secondary Role Stealth
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:thelonewanderer
Street Cred 0


Titanfall Pilot, sans Titan for now. Once I get enough Nuyen to buy that Juggernaut....


  • Ex-Ares PMC
  • Lives with two Dryads and a Techno
  • Apartment's Haunted

Notable Qualities

  • Corp SIN Ares
  • Superhuman Psychosis


An ex-PMC for Ares, Hell-Jumper came overseas from the UCAS for a misson. Ares needed something recovered, and wanted absolutly nobody outside the company knowning. So, they sent in a small team, equiped with gear and 'ware meant to help get them in and out fast over all else. Getting to the item wasn't the hard part. That was suriving the ambush set up by a runner team. The runners made off with whatever it was that Ares wanted, and Rebbeca was left for dead in a back alley of London. Samantha Ziegler pulled Hell-Jumper out of that alley and patched her up.

Patched up, and left behind in London, Hell-Jumper started running in the Shadows, needing some way to make a living. During her time in London, she meet Rosu, Eject and [Evantide's character's handle here]. The 4 of them agreed on getting an apartment together after doing a few runs as a team, and now they work all over the world.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Standing tall, Rebbeca has the look of ""Try harder, I dare you"" quite often. even when she isn't bouncing off walls with the help of her jump-jets, She won't take drek from anyone, and will speak up if it looks like someone's trying to screw her over.
  • Astral form: n/a
  • Matrix persona: n/a


Takes no drek, and lives for the thrill of the fight. Won't leave behind someone she considers valuable, like other Runners.


The Thrill of being in the drek and coming out on top. Long term, to upgrade her cyberware to be better than what she had while working for Ares

Automatic Stuff



Name: Sally Location: Seattle Relationship: Smuggler Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Ork (Hobgoblin) Sex: Female Age: Middle-Aged Type of connection: Networking Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Hobbies/Vice: Cars

Enemies: none


  • Name': Francine Location: Seattle Relationship: Fixer

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Human Sex: Female Age: Unknown Type of connection: Legwork Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Cars

  • Name: "Mr. Johnson" Location: Seattle Relationship: Mr. Johnson

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Sex: Male Age: Type of connection: Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice:

  • Name: Sean Location: Seattle Relationship: Corporate Wage Slave

Connection: 1 Loyalty: 1 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Age: Young Type of connection: Personal Favors Personal Life: Divorced Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Family Obligations/Kids

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

  • GM Bulldog
  • Suzuki Mirage
  • 2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone
  • MCT Fly-Spy
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation


  • Jessica Beaumont (4), UCAS


DateNameWorked With
28 April 2020Guns and Jewels FinaleTokyo
VJ Lazer Whip
12 May 2020RoadrunnerMirai


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Name: Hell-Jumper

Chargen: Prime

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