Hell Is Empty (Ashurbanipal)

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RVP: 7
Date: 12-30-2017, 23:00 to 03:00

Sophia Brown contacted Ashurbanipal about her missing HR Supervisor, Hermann Glazier. Mr. Glazier had gone missing about a week ago, and he hadn't approved any of Sophia's timecards for the past week. Even worse, sophia had done almost 20 hours worth of overtime. She needed her timecards to be approved so she could pay for some of her Christmas shopping.

Ashurbanipal investigated the disappearance and found that Mr. Glazier had gone to visit his mistress in the Crash Zone. Upon locating him, Ash discovered that Glazier had been possessed by a flesh-form bug spirit. Ash dispatched him along with several other bug spirits, and recovered his comlink. From here, he was able to hack the comlink and gain access to Mr. Glazier's HR system.

Finally, Ashurbanipal helped Sophia get her timecard approved. He even set her up with his accountant Aaron Stein so that he could help her refinance some of her debt...

Hell Is Empty (Ashurbanipal)

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