Hell Is Empty (Mononoke)

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GM: USER:KB Runners:
RVP: 8
Date: 12-30-2017, 18:00 to 22:00

Real McCoy contacted Mononoke about two missing runners he had sent out to hijack a stolen shipment of I-Dolls. After doing some investigation, Mononoke uncovered some rumors that the shipment was being stashed in the Crash Zone while awaiting a buyer. Mononoke traveled to the crash zone, while dodging both an Adult Phoenix and a team of First Nations enforcers.

After gaining entry to thecrash zone, Mono quickly discovered that it was infested with bug spirits. She engaged a group of these spirits, and discovered one of McCoy's runners had been possessed by a flesh-form bug spirit. Mono killed McCoy, and used his complink to track down the shipment. She found both the shipment, and McCoy's decker hiding in a van's smuggling compartment.

Mono quickly passed out from all the drugs she took, and the decker drove the van and the I-Dolls to safety. Mono awoke inside the van in touristville, the shipment and decker nowhere to be found.

Hell Is Empty (Mononoke)

Completed on18:00:00, 30 December 2017 +
GMUser:KB +
Had runnerMononoke +
Has nameHell Is Empty (Mononoke) +