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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 10
Date: 19 March 2019

This tale begins with three Anglo women heading to the Sioux Nation to meet their Johnson in Butte. *Hehe... Butte*. Anyways, they find her in a bar called The Rabbit's Hole. :blobthinkglare: So the Johnson is an Australian Aboriginal hiring three white as snow women to find her "not my boyfriend" boyfriend. They hit up Montana Tech and Geomancy where Miss Chief starts to add up the ever increasing tally of people spitting on her, Arsonist is accepted-ish~ as there was a presence of Japanese Students. Badger decided to just keep her head down, fashion her clothing to look like a generic student, and blend in at a fast pace away from Campus Security.

They hit up their leads, followed them, hit up some more, *politely asked* the "not my boyfriend"'s roommate for more info. Hitting a bit of a wall, Badger calls up a little asshole of a decker who gets them a face to the name Yumi Imagawa. She was spotted routinely talking with the Assistant Coach during practice, was regarded as Jonnie's (That's the boyfri- I mean not a boyfriend.) girl and she didn't seem phased at all. Followed up on her for a bit, tailed her to a party where Miss Chief caused a distraction. Utilizing said distraction both Badger and Arsonist knock out Yumi and Takan (The roommate from earlier) then take Yumi away.

Through sifting her commlink Arsonist finds out she has indeed been poaching people utilizing either Social Adept Trickery or Mage Mind Magic. Never did find out, they just conked her with a flying kick and tossed her in a van. Following up on the newly acquired data they head fifteen miles out of Butte and locate a few small buildings with three armed guards. Arsonist confirms Jonnie was in one building with two other students in the second. In a failed sneak attack Badger still got the drop on the one with the biggest gun with Arsonist flanking and Miss Chief offering support. The second guy drew a sword and narrowly missed a magically enhanced Badger who spun around with a swift kick to the gut. In brilliant thinking, the third turned to shoot at Arsonist landing a light hit that was shaken off. The brilliance was that he didn't see what knocked him out and wasn't anxious about it, outstanding move.

Having broken the brainwashing on two students the runners drop them back home whereas Jonnie not wanting to go back had to take a nap. They then contact the Johnson who had them bring Jonnie over who with some more help from Miss Chief slapped some sense into him. Satisfied with the outcome she pays the runners and they turn Yumi over to the police via dead drop in a dumpster.

The Little People

Help A Sheila Out