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Gender Male
Race Ork, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.24
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Infiltrator
Character Sheet [[1]| Character Sheet]]
Player User:dbvulture


Ork Razorboy. Chromed out. Likes cyberware, fast guns, drugs, and nuyen.


The Jinx  : Bad luck just sorta happens around him.

Cool Shades  : Technically, they're ballistic glass cybereyes. He never leaves home without them!

Conspiracy Theroist : Usually these theories are complete bs. Usually.


  • Has a bit of a bliss habit.
  • Has some connections with people in the orkish music scene.
  • Bad luck always seems to follow him, no matter what.
  • Grew up in the Barrens and has done various crimes since he was very young.

Notable Qualities

  • Addiction, Bliss: Hotdog likes to do some drugs on the weekends.
  • Distinctive Style: He's easy to pick out of a crowd. Chromed-out, dyed hair, sharpened and polished tusks.
  • Bad Luck: Disaster always seems to follow him.
  • Prejudice, Elves: Damn elves, thinking they're better than us just 'cause they've got pointier ears and worse teeth.
  • School of Hard Knocks: As an ork growing up on the streets, he learned more from his environment than from any school.
  • Nasty Trog: Hotdog is an ork and proud of it. He makes sure his tusks are always in pristine condition.
  • Barrens Rat: Being able to keep something hidden will help you survive in the Barrens.


Born in the Barrens, Hotdog started his life of crime early. Ever since he could hold a gun, he was used as hired muscle. Somehow he managed to avoid joining a gang, but that didn't mean he wasn't involved in every turf war in Redmond. He learned how to survive and make money in the shadows.

He had to know how to survive. Everywhere he went, disaster followed. A simple lookout job turns into a bloodbath. An easy courier job turns into a gang war. A shakedown turns into a murder. Bad luck goes wherever Hotdog goes.

An old friend of Hotdog's managed to make it big as a musician. Tony Tusks, lead singer of the Trasha Boyz, introduced Hotdog to his agent. Turns out his agent, Frankie, had a side job as a fixer in order to get his clients what they needed from the shadows. Seems like a good opportunity for Hotdog to make some nuyen.

Appearance and Style

Cybereyes with ballistic protectors, large cyberarms, covered in tattoos. Left cyberarm has an engraving of a dragon wrapped around it. He dresses like a punk most of the time and often dyes his hair unusual colors.


Fairly laid back, yet cynical. Can be paranoid at times. Believes all sorts of conspiracy theories. Hates the corps and is a neo-anarchist.

Goals And Motivations

  • Get money.
  • Get good.
  • Stick it to the corps.

Great Deeds

None (Yet)


None (Yet)

Important People and Things Murdered

None (Yet)

Mark Fitzgerald: A former minor-league Urban Brawl player. Has done some bodyguard work on the side.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Robert Slynn1
Arthur the Criminal Supplies Guy1
Tony Tusks4
Leif Landsvik1
The Todd2
Frankie Foxtrot5
Real McCoy1
Dr. Spicy Steve4
Alphones "Last Year" Dupree1
Mr Green1
Speedy Tim1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
30 October 2017Wee WooSeeker
3 November 2017The PowerGaro (Retired)
Spark ;) (Contact)
24 January 2018Point and SqueezeHarrier
3L T1GR3
31 January 2018The StormActaeon


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Name: Hotdog

Chargen: Standard

Awakened: Mundane

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