Howls In The Night

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GM: User:TheBloodMantis Runners:
RVP: 18
Date: 22 March 2019

The runners were hired by a Johnson to investigate why people have been dying in a mining town up north in the former region of Alaska and to see if they cant stop the issue. The team were then flown out to the town and meet with the man in charge, Arthur told then about how they were being attacked and hunted. During a conversation about what has happened, the town was attacked and the runners run outside to end up facing a group of Loup-Garou which were attempting to kill and grab some of the people for food. The runners took down the wolf men and interrogated one of them to find were the original Loup-Garou was. They found out it was inside of a old excavation site, and proceeded there.

Once there the runners took on the Alpha, ending up with them killing him and then leaving to collect their pay.

The Little People

Howls In The Night