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Gender Male
Race Human, Swedish
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Blade Adept
Secondary Role B&E
Player User:TheBloodMantis
Street Cred 0


A Norse Blade adept looking for revenge, also follows Stag.


World's Shit

Is a bit rough and straight to the point at times.

Viking Berserker

Hit first, Hit last, and don't worry about death, Valhalla will take him


People need help, guess I'll give a hand.

Thor's Might

Likes to hit things very hard. Is a tad violent


  • Someone in the Yakuza caused his family to be killed.
  • Happy to hunt infected, critters, and toxic people.

Character Folder


Notable Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit Stag
  • Code of Honor: The Akichita Code
  • Driven (Kill that guy who killed his family)
  • Prejudiced(Specific,Outspoken)(Yakuza)
  • Vendetta (Yakuza)

GMP Spent

24 - Spring Cleaning [The Little People] - GMed 2 - Spring Cleaning [The Little People] - AAR 1 - Spring Cleaning [The Little People] - Contact made


Huskarl comes from the Scandinavian Federation, specifcally from Stockholm. He was born into a family that worked a frankly drek job, though it was definently better than most people lives. His family was made up of him, his father and mother, as well as his little brother, Eric.. Huskarl joined the miltary when he became of age but found it to be too rigid and disliked the amount of disrepect the offercers tended to give to the average soldiers. as such he left the military a few years after his service was completede to join up with a mercancy band, and then later on joining the shadows, as he wished to have more control over his life.

Working in the shadows was profitable for Huskarl as he always managed to get enough money for his family to stay well fed. As a treat for his family he onmce flew them out to Seattle, where he now lived, so that they could see what his new home loked like. Unfortunely Huskarl was attacked by some Yaks which he had recently done a job against. The Yaks opened fire at Huskarl and his family, causing both his mother and father to be killed at the scene, and for his brother to later die en-route to the nearest hostipal. Because of this event Huskarl has been looking for the man who ordered that attack on him so that he can avenge his family.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Huskarl is a mountian of a man, and with the look of an old age viking warrior with a attitude to match. He has a scuffy blond beard with hair that goes down to his shoulders.
  • Astral form: Similar to how he looks in the meat, expect with Stag horns.
  • Matrix persona: Its the default Icon for a Swedish Man.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Beard, Stag Horns when using powers, saying Odin's balls when shit hits the fan.


Is a bit of a mixture of gruff and quiet and loud and joyful depending on the situation, with him being more quiet in meets, whilst being louder when on the job. He won't take shit, and won't give you shit unless you give him some first. Enjoys doing something rather than sitting about waiting for the decker to finish a search he would prefer to be on the move ready to go into action.


  • Revenge
  • Freedom
  • Nuyen
  • A little bit of the thrill too

David Anderson (UCAS)

R4 Fake Adept License, Bounty Hunter's License, Firearms License, Driver's License, Blades License.

Name: Huskarl

Chargen: PRIME/Sum to 11

"Adept" is not in the list (Mundane, Awakened) of allowed values for the "Has awakenedness" property.