I Am Shiva The God Of Death

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 02/ 17/ 2019

The runners are hired by a Lawyer, Arthur Clayton who has had a crisis on conscience and possibly a psychotic break, as he wants to expose an Argo business that has retained his services, for purposely concealing that their product was dangerous for the small farmers who used it. The runners first have to bail Arthur out of jail, and are not immediately convinced of his mental stability, as he has been arrested for public indecency for stripping down in the middle of a deposition, and is showing signs of paranoia.

Willing to see if this goes anywhere however, the runners do bail Arthur out, and put him up in a motel out of district, while Jet and Snow go to search his apartment for any of the corroborating evidence that Arthur allegedly has. As they infiltrate the apartment, they are confronted by a supposed friend of Arthurs', Michael, who says that Arthur is sick and needs help. As he and the two runners argue, police are tipped off of a break and entry and arrive on scene forcing Jet to grab Snow White and leap out a window.

Brick meanwhile, has been supporting his team from the matrix, when he finally realize that Arthur has gone AWOL. He goes out to look for Arthur, and is instead confronted by assassin's looking for him. Brick kills one, and captures the other, and the team rendezvous together to look for Arthur. Snow picks up Anna, a plaintiff in the case that Arthur is defending against, and brings her as well, as Arthur is obsessed with her and she may now be a target of Assassins. Jet tracks Arthur down and convinces him to rejoin the team.

They interrogate the assassin and find out that he works for Aztechnology, which the agro-corp happens to be a subsidiary of. The team uncovers Arthur's evidence, and manage to fend off a second Assassination team, and are able to distribute it all over Snohomish, crushing Aztechnology's chances in court.

I Am Shiva The God Of Death