I am Shiva, God of Death (Run)

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GM: User:Ice_Hawk Runners:
RVP: 15
Date: 17/02/2019

The team are called upon to bail an apparently psychotic client out of jail and help him fulfil his obscure, insane agenda. Snow White interviews him, discovering that he's Arthur Clayton of Clayton and Mengel, one of the last independent law firms in Seattle. He's in jail for indecent exposure in a courtroom in a case that he's part of, defending a company called NutraGro from allegations that their weedkillers cause cancer, but now he wants to atone for the six years of his life he's wasted on denying justice and supporting corporate murder by throwing the court case in favour of the small-time independent farmers affected by the carcinogens they've been sold — especially the divine angel Anna who has revealed to him his folly and shown him the way of truth. Anna is 17, lives in Snohomish, and has lost her parents and brother to cancer and suicide because of NutraGro.

What the team don't know is that NutraGrow are a wholly owned subsidiary of Aztechnology. Aztechnology would quite like to not lose the three billion nuyen they would expect to pay out in the event of a settlement or unfavourable judgement, and would much rather pay as close to nothing as possible.

The team bail Clayton out of jail, with the assistance of David Corleone's lackey Vincent Pachino, who fronts the bail bond while reminding Knight Errant that they are all motherfuckers and that Lone Star was the best. Clayton and Brick are sequestered in the Hole in the Wall in Renton, while Jet and Snow White break into Clayton's apartment in search of an important book. A few data spikes and door kicks later, Jet confronts Michael, Clayton's junior and protege, who wants his mentor to come back into the fold. They retrieve Clayton's meds and an annotated children's novel, which also contains a paper receipt for a 25000 nuyen print order.

Unfortunately, while Brick was busy, Clayton made his escape - ditching the stealth tag they'd glued on him and trading the biomonitor they'd made him wear to a junkie for bus money. In pursuit, Brick is accosted by a pair of hitmen who are surprised to find their guns exploding from Matrix damage. One of them dies of mace to the face, the other is rendered unconscious and dragged off by Brick.

Jet manages to track Clayton down as he meets his protege again - reaffirming his desire to give up company life in favour of the truth - then narrowly rescues him from being run down by a car. There is a lot of shouting.

Snow White travels to Snohomish and liberates Anna from the clutches of her evil sister and her foul crotchspawn.

The team reconvene. After interrogating Arthur and Anna, their working theory becomes that his medication is causing him a high degree of trauma and that Brick being the smartest trog in the world is still not that big of an achievement. The unfortunate hitman eventually lets slide that he works for Aztechnology and that his life is over, and pleads for a swift death - which is granted.

The next day, the team rent a truck and head to Copy Castle to pick up Arthur's print order, which turns out to be a damning expose of Aztechnology's decision to aggressively market carcinogenic chemicals to independent farmers who were unlikely to be able to fight back. While loading the last box, Brick gets a mark out of nowhere on a sleaze decker, and Aztechnology's last-ditch attack begins. Unfortunately for them, Jet beats both the sniper and the decker unconscious in a matter of moments.

The files are released, Aztechnology are forced to settle, Anna goes home to the farm, and Arthur Clayton spends the rest of his life in court, destroying the things he once protected.

Most importantly, the team get paid.

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I am Shiva, God of Death (Run)