Into Thin Air

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 3 November 2018

The runners met their Johnson at The Falchion Club and learn that they are to obtain the new identity and whereabouts of a mob-snitch from the company Second Life. V646B0ND does some matrix wizardry and is able to get the personnel files of people in the Seattle branch of the single-A corp. The team splits up to do some investigation on two targets, hoping to get more information. Wan and Leaf head to a woman's apartment and have to contend with a feisty spirit. Thanks to some astral and transformation shenanigans, Bird-Wan, faux-spirit Leaf and a mink ally are able to steal a comm and some datachips for later perusal by their matrix expert. Meanwhile, Kiki and V646B0ND head to another mark's house to see what he knows. With V646B0ND disabling the cameras, Kiki is able to sneak in, grab some info and let the decker on to the home network. Once they've regrouped, the team learns the location of the data storage facility where they need to hit.

The team finds a guard at the facility, knocks him out and prepare to switch places. Arriving at shift change, Leaf masquerades as the guard with a transformed Wan and Kiki in he pocket. Able to fool the others, Leaf is able to break into the server room where the jig is quickly up. The silence spell muffles the battle and the team somewhat quickly defeats the surprisingly tough security team. However, in the midst of battle, Wan comes across a familiar face: Tracer. She was in the server room stealing some information herself... and rigged the servers to blow once she left. Working quickly, the team is able to patch V646B0ND in to the Faraday-caged room and he's able to get the info out just in time. Leaf is able to bluff her way out and Wan and Kiki run for it. Minor complications ensue, but the team is able to successful make it out and get the data to the Finnigan family. A capo, Enzo Gianelli, thanks them for the assistance as he and his men go to take out a snitch. A job well done.

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Into Thin Air