Isadora Laughing Wolf

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Summary for GMs

Creator: User:Someguy_339

Preferred meet: The Falchion Club

Style: Relaxed

Pay: High

Suggested Shadow Community Threshold: 6 (Fixers with Connection 5+ know her)

Mannerisms: Smiles and laughs, sometimes in an unnerving manner. Piercing stare.

RP Guidelines: Female Amerind Elf. 6 foot, lean & toned build. Tan skin, blue eyes, black hair. Sioux-Nation National. Speaks with a slight Spanish accent. Fluent in English, Spanish, Siouan, Lakota and Iroquois. Often wears a black leather vest with a frilled white blouse underneath. Spike baby that is thought to be around 80. Isadora is usually in good spirits and will offer the team drinks should they choose to indulge. Drinks tequila like water, but never appears more than buzzed. Can be frequently seen chatting with high ranking members of NAN nations/corps. Non-chiefs/elders will often show deference to her. She will be semi-flirtatious with runners of all genders and metatypes. Moderate insanity, trait is lessened in high BGCs.

Should the runners not accept: Takes little offense, laughs it off. May not invite them back however.

Should the runners fail: Mild failure will be tolerated (most but not all data for example), but they may not be invited back. She does not take full failure well and will mostly likely kill the runners if able.


Isadora Laughing Wolf has worn many mantles in her long life: freak baby, orphan, soldier, Wynona (Sioux: first-born daughter), war criminal, Sword of Howling Coyote, Left Hand of the Elders. For most of her life she killed who was needed for her people, often with great malice and scorn. As a teen she fought in the Ghost Dance War and was later part of the first generation of Wildcats (Sioux special forces). While she trained subsequent generations of Wildcats, she did wetwork for the Council of Elders when called upon. Although her people were wiped out during the war, Isadora has been accepted into the Sioux Nation as a "member of all tribes". However she can still never be an elder of chief due to her outside birth, a fact that does not seem to bother her. After disappearing for several years in the late 2060s-early 2070s, she reappeared with a radically different outlook on things. No longer the angry warrior with a thirst for battle, she now seems content to work behind the scenes for the Sioux Nation. Some say she went a bit mad during her missing time as she is always smiling and laughs in a disquieting manner. Her true motives are unclear and seems to be happy with her new role in the Nation, whatever it may be.

She travels with an entourage that includes a former EVO Marine, Aztechnology Jaguar, Tir Ghost, an Australian-Aboriginal shaman as well as others. Will sometimes use her team members as proxies for meets with runners. Owns a heavily modified Aztechnology Agular GX-3AT in which her team travels. Runners from the Sioux Nation or runners who get at least (2) hits on a NAN knowledge roll will know of her, (4) to know a greater backstory.

Isadora was killed in the events of La Guerra De La Loba.

The 'Do Not Employ' List

  • Anyone with a Corp SIN

Jobs given to PCs on the Dark

Other runs associated with her or her crew