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Gender Male
Race Troll
Aura Type Adept
Essence 0.095
Primary Role Street Samurai
Secondary Role Wall
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Morrenz
Street Cred 3


Overweight FLR Monotaur with Adiposis, 6 arms, and 3 eyes.


[Stout Strength]

[Stone Wall]


J6 and Mickey Two Pulse still know eachother but have not spoken in quite some time. It's a wonder how they're still friends.

Johnny6 has a big thing against ghosts and anything looking ghostly in nature. He is known to lash out without thought at such things.

Notable Qualities

Adiposis: J6 is an Adiposis ridden Minotaur. As a result of is he is gratuitously overweight. He is also rather sensitive about it as he wasn't always this way.

Code of Honor (Akichita): This applies to all Skraacha, but extends beyond them when he proves his strength "in the field." He's always seeking better opponents and avoids killing those he thinks have potential if they are capable of harming him in the moment and he knows that he can afford to.

Favored Trogs (Mild): See below.

Favored Home Community (Outspoken): The Result of these is that when it comes to his mostly trog group of misfits he is adamant about them not being responsible for anything negative that happens and will get violent if the other party is insistent otherwise.

Impassive: Looking how he does J6 has had a rough life. He has often been the wall his group hides behind. More often than most he has seen people killed incredibly violently. Part of what made him take up the Flamethrower is (aside from its simplicity), because he knew that unlike most people he was used to seeing the effects of it.

Mentor Spirit (Wolf): J6's Pack is his group of misfits in the Underground. They watch over him, and he watches over them.

Shiva Arms (2 Pairs): J6 has 6 arms. He usually has two, but outfits all armors with little button up patches that he can free them at any moment.

Solid Rep (Skraacha): J6 has always run with his group of Misfits, but has from time to time helped out Skraacha members more by accident than on purpose. Typically the Skraacha have been on the same side as him when it comes to protecting his misfit friends.

Third Eye: Centered in his forehead and normally hidden under a rolled up Skimask he uses as a Beanie, is a third eye. Rarely does he end up using it, but it may come of use in the future.

Made Man & Community Connection: After some time living on the street J6 decided to take up Skraacha's old old offer of fully joining their group. It helps his housing issue, and allows him to be around people he feels give a damn about him.

Roleplayed Qualities (Non Mechanical)

Micromanager: Hates being left out of the loop. Likes to always have all the information and gets angry when he doesn't.


J6 grew up in the Orc Underground and got smacked with SURGE around the age of 12. His Mother didn't really give a damn what happened to him, and he never knew his father. Being different quickly made him a target, and it wasn't long before he started learning to fight back. He'd still get his ass kicked often enough, but at least he'd hold his own during some of it. After some time J6 was picked up by a group of Trogs settled into an apartment smack in the center of the Orc underground. The group situated here made sure to protect its own and consisted almost entirely Trogs with various mutations. J6 wasn't alone in his bizzareness there and that helped significantly. Quickly he made friends with a local "Decker" by the name of Mickey Two Pulse. Through Mickey J6 was eventually introduced to Mr. Munson where he started running two bit break ins outside the underground.

After some time J6 had made a name for himself with the Skraacha running the underground. More than once he'd taken the bullet meant for one of their members and it had made him into a respected man amongst them. As a consequence though J6 became subject to their code. Younger Trogs and even some older ones sought to prove they weren't going to be outdone by who they thought was some arrogant upstart. Challenges slowed down once J6 made it known that he wasn't to be trifled with.

Appearance and Style

Bald overweight 6 armed Troll with a partial cyberskull and many partial arms.


Believes in Honor and challenging yourself.


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(TODO: figure out how to annotate these so GMs can easily search for run hooks)

Great Deeds

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The Wall,

Important People and Things Murdered


Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Dr. Spicy Steve4
Mr. Munson2
Mickey Two Pulse5

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
22 October 2017Asteroid Blues IVJ6
29 October 2017Pseudo Silk KimonoPhoenix
4 November 2017Hitman for the OrderAshurbanipal
Spark ;)
11 November 2017We Hold You In Our HeartsJ6
19 January 2018Chase MeJ6
4 February 2018Out-GunnedSpider
10 March 2018Acceptance is the Hardest partAshurbanipal
DuXor Jr.
31 March 2018Cyclonized TyphoonCheck
Ice Hawk
23 April 2018For The Glory Of The HandJ6
30 April 2018Feels RightJ6
7 May 2018CrossfireJ6
7 August 2018DublinSnow White

Facts and Fictions

Things said and known about them

WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
He burned a bunch of Dwarves alive in my bar and then paid me for it!BartenderMatrix Search390Chase Me
Fragger's apartment explodes and he goes on about ghosts!Skraacha MemberMatrix Search2100Chase Me

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Quotes Involving Them



Name: J6

Chargen: Prime

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