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Definitely not isaac .jpg
Gender Male
Race Human, German
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 3.7
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Infiltration
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Sheps Stady


Ex-Fernspähtruppen that got blue-balled by the Bundeswehr so decided to market his skills someplace where he would get more action.


Being Personal Isn't Professional  : Once a mission has began, his sole focus is on the task at hand.


  • Seeks combat wherever and whenever.
  • Wants to greatly improve his capabilities.
  • Fantastic sniper, but prefers to get in deep. Equally as adept without a gun as he is with one. He's who you go to if you want someone dead.

Notable Qualities

  • Allergy (Artificial Sweeteners): In a world where sweeteners are put into nearly everything, he has to watch what he eats. Otherwise, he might just die.
  • Agile Defender: Jäger is hard to hit no matter where he's at.
  • Insomnia: Many a night is spent without sleep. This is fine with Jäger, as he spends the time honing his skills or otherwise working.
  • Perfect Time/Sense of Direction: Jäger is mentally programmed to keep track of everything that happens. His internal clock and sense of direction are often times more accurate than any machine.
  • Sharpshooter/Strive for Perfection: All of his shots are calculated, designed to inflict the most hurt with the least bullets.


Jäger was born in Munich of the Allied German States, in the year 2045. His sister Erika was 2 years his junior, and with two working parents Friedrich often had to take care of her. He grew up in a rather peaceful household and was always taught the standard-fare of violence never solving answers. However, as he grew older and continued to read and observe he learned that those statements were false. Violence was indeed an answer, and sometimes the only one. It was with that attitude that instead of finishing college he immediately enlisted into the Heer. He displayed exceptional aptitude for the ways of the military, and was taken into the elite Fernspähtruppe.

The AGS Bundeswehr is famously known for being a pure defense force following the EuroWars. When Friedrich joined, he never lost that itch for combat. Day after day he did his duty, often aiding in guarding bases or patrolling. Yet, the day never came for combat. Occasionally he would go on simulated training missions, but all it did was make him yearn more for the real thing. It slowly began to drive him somewhat crazy, and he developed insomnia. Looking at the outside world, he learned about the business of runners, and the roles they had in their teams. Friedrich knew he had the combat skills necessary and, after 12 years in the Heer, wanted to finally find some excitement in life. He reached out into the matrix in the hopes of finding what runners called a "fixer". There he learned about , who helped him set up to move to Seattle. He was honorably discharged from the Heer and now had a place in Seattle to call his home.

Appearance and Style

Jäger is almost nearly always wearing his standard outfit of cargo pants and his armored jacket, with a casual tee underneath. When it's time for business, he possesses a set of full body armor.. His hair is a dark grey, turning lighter at the tops with age. Piercing blue eyes and thick eyebrows give Jäger a very serious look. There seems to be an ever-present 5 o'clock shadow. Despite his attitude towards war and battle in general, you can see the stress on his face. Take off his clothes and you can see underneath the armor he is quite lithe and lean looking. His muscles aren't abundantly clear, but you can see the pent-up tenseness in him, almost as if he's constantly wound up. Straddling the right side of his abdomen are three bullet shaped scars, and across his shoulder a jagged shrapnel wound.


Jäger lives for the hunt, overcoming challenges. He is willing to take on anyone at anytime. He prefers to go on the offensive and strike first from a superior position. However, like any great hunter, Jäger knows how to be patient and wait for his prey. His time in the military indoctrinated Jäger to be completely loyal to his brothers in arms and to only focus on the mission. This single mindedness often comes across as cold, and Jäger's personal relations have suffered because of it. When it's time for business, it's all Jäger can focus on. He doesn't intentionally try to drive people away, but he knows what one slip-up can cost his squad.

Goals And Motivations

  • Wants to become a better soldier, and a better runner.
  • He would like to return to Germany at some point, to visit his sister.
  • Fame is something of a goal for Jäger. He wants to be the guy to go to for combat heavy runs.

Great Deeds

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Important People and Things Murdered

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Josef Muller: A Seattle bodyguard known for being known for his ability in not only tracking quarry, but bringing them in under any requested condition.

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