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Gender Male
Race Troll (Minotaur), Indian
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.83
Primary Role Smashy Boi
Secondary Role -
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Dusk


Ex Renraku, India corporate samurai. Was born a PT along with his blood brother. Blamed for the murder of his father and incompetence, the chief executive of the Renraku arcology, India. He was ordered to commit suicide. He instead chose to run and prove his innocence some other day.


This character is a twisted version of a Hindu mythological story. His skin is not actually red. Its more like milk chocolate brown, but he ate too much hot sauce when the picture was taken. The mustache is on point tho.


  • Born and raised inside Renraku arcology in Calcutta, India.
  • Framed for his father's murder and hunted by his brother (a Nartaki and an adept)

Notable Qualities

  • Breakfast of Champions: Addiction (Mild): Instinct, Jazz.
  • Corporate Boi: SINner (Corporate: Renraku), Trust Fund 4.
  • Man...: Allergy (Common, Mild): BGCs, Prototype Transhuman, Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker), Quick Healer.
  • ...and Machine: Cyber-Singularity Seeker, Biocompatibility (Cyberware), Tough as Nails (Physical 3, Stun 1), Lightning Reflexes, Perfect Time.
  • Frag the 4 Arms: Prejudiced (Specific, Biased): Nartaki.
  • Trollhammer: Special Modifications 2, Prototype Materials


I grew up in the Renraku arcology in Calcutta. Born among corporate Kshatriyas (warriors), I was made by my father to serve the Renraku corporation. I and my brother was made the perfect human, gifted with superhuman prowess, at par with the Red Samurai of Renraku, Japan. But, as puberty hit, something changed and I turned into this, horned demon. This physical form, mighty though it was, the people at Renraku hated me, simply for my appearance I was labelled as an Asura, an anathema of humans and the discarded creation of the god, Brahma. Despite my sheltered life, I lived a damned life, having to prove myself under crippling peer pressure that I was worth it.

Yet my brother, born just as human as me, was transformed into image of a deity and with divine powers by the holy river Ganges. But why was I not bestowed such a gift? I too bathed in her glory and yet all I received was goblinization. My father spewed the seeds of competition among us, at a young age. Thus me and Krishna sparred often. His blade vs my mace. I was stronger and bigger, yet how come I lost all the time? Perhaps my technique was wrong. My father was a corporate warrior through and through and every time I lost, he pushed me further. Not by encouragement or love, but by punishment. Slowly replacing parts of my body with used cybernetics. In time, I was more machine than man and I developed a deep seated belief that only through augmentation can I reach divinity and hope to match Krishna's prowess.

And when I thought the day finally came that I have gained enough power to best my brother, my father was found murdered in his office, his skull crushed by something heavy. They had no evidence yet they blamed me for my inability to protect my father and superior. I was deemed a disgrace and ordered to take my life. But I wasn't responsible and thus I refused, instead choosing shame and running way to prove my innocence another day.

I trudged though slums and scum, living a wretched life, trying to outrun the gaze of my brother. I ran and ran till I left the country and shipped myself to the UCAS, with no money and nowhere to live. A few weeks down the line I find myself with a company most foul. I have become a shadowrunner, living in a shitty apartment near the Tacoma docks. I don't know what lies in my future, but I will not give in to fate's hands. I will redeem myself. But for now I live in the shadows, like a wretched demon, an Asura.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Balaram is a massive and imposing figure, standing over 7 and a half feet tall. His exact metatype is unknown to himself, but he believes himself to be a troll of some sorts as do everyone else, with some phenotypic variations. Balaram has a flat face with small tusks and thick, pointy horns protruding from his skull. He also lacks the dermal deposits that other trolls have and possesses a lot of body hair, which he likes to keep clean shaved.
  • Astral form: Screw the Astral.
  • Matrix persona: Floating Hammer.
  • Styles and symbols known for:


Honorable, Ambitious and Focused


  • Prove himself innocent and regain his full corporate SIN


  • Prove himself innocent and regain his full corporate SIN
  • Become stronger than his brother. Become a truly terrifying and mighty warrior, without help of magic

Great Deeds


Important People and Things Murdered

Bheem Singh Thakur

Indian descent. R5 fake SIN (UCAS). Security specialist.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
The Wong Brothers4
Francis Gray4
Arif the Puja1
Steve Anderson2
J.B. Croften2
Mah Yun4
Dr. Spicy Steve4
Arthur the Criminal Supplies Guy3

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
30 August 18 JLA Dead Man's Treasure: Mo' Money, Mo' ProblemsGrowth
Snow White
24 September 2018Blood PatrolCain
1 October 2018Another Cure For Any Ailment (run)Cain
7 October 2018Night Stalker (run)Havoc
24 October 2018Sheriff In The Town (run)Mononoke
26 October 2018Aftertaste (run)Geodesic
17 December 2018Seclusion Stopped (run)Jagganoth
3L T1GR3
14 January 2019Building ContractSongbird
19 January 2019Sheila RescueSongbird

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Name: Jagganath Balaram Chakravarti

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Mundane

Approved by: Rinnolk

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