Jessica Lane

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One Chip Equals:
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You can spend downtime or nuyen to pay back chips, or pay your contacts nuyen for services directly.

Contact Title (Legwork), Connection 6 (Public)

Common Dice Pools: News 27, Politics 25

It takes a fast mind to make it in the cutthroat environment that is Seattle journalism. So don't be surprised that beneath her bubbly exterior, young Jessica Lane is as much the predator as any of her marks. Rubbing shoulders with everyone from trid-stars to barrens scum, Jessica knows how to get around. All that publicity brings with it a not insignificant amount of power in certain circles of course, and makes it all the more valuable to have an eye (or the ear) of this feisty young woman.

There's No Such Thing as Bad Publicity At loyalty 5, for 5 chips, reduces your notoriety by 1.

B A R S W L I C Edg Ess
3 4 4 3 5 4(5) 6(7) 5 3 5

Skills: Perception 8, Etiquette 6, Negotiation 5, Computer 4, Palming 4

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Knowledge Skills: Area Know (Seattle) 6, Current Events 8, Politics 6, Megacorps 6, Sprawl Life 4, Organised Crime 4

Knowledge Skill Pools: {{{Knowledge Skill Pools}}}

Human 26 Downtown


Facts about "Jessica Lane"
Connection6 +
Contact PermissionsPublic +
Contact TitleContact Title +
Contact TypeLegwork +
First special ability descAt loyalty 5, for 5 chips, reduces your notoriety by 1. +
First special ability nameThere's No Such Thing as Bad Publicity +