John Moses Browning Jr

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Gender Male
Race Ork, Texan
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 3
Primary Role Street Samurai
Secondary Role Also kinda sneaky
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Evilexecutive
Street Cred 0

Chummer Files: [[2]]

John Moses Browning Jr. Aka "Roland"


The most aggressively Texan Ork on the entire planet.



When not doing Runner work, Roland likes to go out bounty-hunting as his hobby.

Notable Qualities

  • Carrier (HMHVV Strain 3)
  • Distinctive Style: Lives and breathes the very idea of a wild west cowboy.
  • Emotional Attachment: His two Warhawks
  • Signature: Leaves an old paper cartridge at the scene of his crimes


John Moses Browning Jr, son of John Moses Browning Sr, was born and raised in the wastelands of southern texas. His childhood spent watching old cowboy movies, reading books about gunslingers, and being taught how to shoot revolvers by his dear old 'Pa. When the family ranch was attacked by a horde of feral ghouls, John attempted to fight them off and was severely injured, while his father was killed. The following nights wracked him over with fevers, chills, and nightmares as his body attempted to fight off the ghoul infection, and ultimately it succeeded under its own natural power.

However when he was finally awake enough to drive to a hospital, every legit medical center in texas refused to serve him on account of his blood being HMHVV+, causing him to turn to the shadows to get the aid he needed. John never looked back from the civilian life, and lived the next few years as a Shadowrunner.

Appearance and Style

  • [Physical Appearance]: He's a white Ork, towering and imposing with nearly seven feet of toned muscle. John Moses Browning Jr. Aka "Roland" is an older Ork who keeps most of the physical signs of aging at bay with extensive bioware mods. He has long gray hair tucked into a ponytail beneath the wide brim of his kevlar Stetson Hat. Roland does not have meat eyes anymore, as they have been replaced with what from the front looks like a pair of blue mirrored aviator shades.

As a consummate texan, Roland wears an old school cowboy outfit, complete with a kevlar overcoat that's specially designed to look like cowhide. He wears authentic leather boots with a pair of steel riding spurs that jingle with every step,




The Gunslinger

John Johnson

Bounty Hunter's License, Concealed Carry Permit, Firearms License, Restricted Bioware License, Military Ammunition License

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Enemies: None


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Name: John Moses Browning Jr

Chargen: Prime