Just Another Way To Die: A Look In The Eye

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 18
Date: April 7th 2018

The Runners are hired by MCT to protect a research team that is being sent to investigate a possible astral rift. The apparent rift was discovered on an island monastery near Hong Kong, just south of Lantau Island. The discovery was leaked by one of the monks to the Sun On Yee triad, who approached MCT for their astral and metaplaner expertise, but it was expected that other interested parties might also have been alerted. Most notably would be the Red Dragon Triad, backed by the great dragon Lung, who has taken a special interest in the area around Lantau, as is rumored to have a minor lair there.

The runners set out on a boat to reach the island, and take a zodiac to the shore, only to find it deserted except for an old Monk. The monk exchanges pleasantries at first, but soon warns the runners and the team that they are not the first to try and defile the temple, and the monks will kill any who try. The runners attempt to talk the monks into allowing them access, as they promise not to damage or sully anything, but the monks are convinced that if any major power controls the astral rift it will lead to greater bloodshed, and bring the war to their island.

The runners take this as a challenge, and non-lethally subdue the monk, and then proceed to lure the other adept monks into a trap, with Ace acting as bait. With an astonishing performance, Ace managed to Lure all of the monks around a neurostun grenade, that disabled all but a few of the guards, which the rest of the team was able to handily subdue. With all the combatants peaceably restrained, the runners approached the monastery, and the research team set to work.

As the research team was underway, Noodle spotted a group of armed thugs landing at the beach. He began to bombard them with grenades, while Growth took the opportunity to suppresses the beach, between the both of them killing many pirates and forcing the surrender of the survivors. The research team eventually concluded that while the site was astrally significant, containing a large Astral Shallows in the basement of the Monastery, the phenomenon was not an astral rift. Instead it appeared like a window, observing T'ai Shang. While interesting, and possibly unique, it had limited potential for the war.

The runners, vindicated that they caused the monastery no harm, take the research team back to MCT ship waiting for them, and collect their pay. The runners made 30k for completing the job, 10k for ensuring all of the research team survived, 5 karma for not harming the monks, and picked up Ashley Imahara as a 3:1 contact for a job superbly done.

Journey To The East

Just Another Way To Die: A Look In The Eye