Just Another Way To Die: Jobs You Shouldn't Take

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 78
Date: 3 January 2019

MCT hires the team to investigate a secret facility that has begun acting strangely. The team is to go in, recover the research off the data core, and if possible deal with the threat at the base. A tertiary objective is to rescue any MCT personnel that may have survived whatever is wrong there. The base is underwater, and the team has limited information as to what they may expect. To compensate for that, they are paid upfront, 1.2 million Nuyen to split amongst themselves. The team agrees, and makes their preparations.

They are taken across the pacific aboard the Usanagi, to the secret underwater facility. The are loaded into a submersible and make the long trek over a kilometer underwater. Growth tries to detect life, but cannot find any at all in the base. On alert, the team enters through the airlock, and are greeted by a short japanese man, who looks to be a decker. The group interacts with him, until they discover that he is a wasp spirit, and the group is jumped by a group of Hybrid bug spirits, and several astral trueforms.

The team manages to overcome the attack, and drive off the surviving spirits, and interrogate their prisoner, the fleshform who greeted them. They discover the entire station has been possessed by bug spirits, and the Queen is in the upper levels, nesting around the datacore the team needs. With no options but to push forward, the team confronts the queen and her army of loyal soldiers. While Wan solo fights the queen, the rest of the team is forced to suppress the queen and fight through the ranks of fleshform soldiers, and trueform spirits that are coming in through an astral gateway.

Using pesticide to neutralize their spirit powers, the Queen tries one last gambit to kill everyone by smashing a window to the water outside, but Wan protects the princible to save it. Eventually the team is able to finally kill the Queen, with a rocket fired by brick finishing her off. They grab the datacore, and as Leaf finishes cleansing the base of the remaining spirits, they are able to escape back to the Usanagi with the information in tow. Job completed.

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Just Another Way To Die: Jobs You Shouldn't Take