Just Another Way to Die: A Woman Walking By

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 15
Date: February 19th 2018

MCT Johnson Ashley Imahara hired the runners to break up another Johnson's meeting, kill everyone who heard run details, and extract the Johnson Inse Ortega of Azetechnology. The runners surrounded the meet, a restaurant in China Town, Tacoma just as the opposite run team entered the restaurant. The enemy run team, which consisted of a Dwarf Rigger, an Elven Shaman, an Orc Street Samurai, and a Troll Adept, and the resturant was protected by Triad Thugs. Ortega had a small group of body guards.

The team ambushed the enemy runners in the middle of the meet, Phoenix striking from a back entrance, while Actaeon and Seeker attacked the front and Ashurbanipal disabled the mage with mana-static. The runners were able to kill everyone at the restaurant and extract the Johnson, even burning the restaurant down for good measure. The team brought their prize to Ms. Imahara and collected their reward. MCT is now in possession of Inse Ortega and all the knowledge she has about Aztechnology operations.

Just Another Way to Die: A Woman Walking By