Just Another Way to Die: The Man on Your Side

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 37
Date: 19/09/2018

The runners are hired by Ms. Ashley Imahara of MCT to extract a blood mage from the holdings of the Draco Foundation for study by MCT. This is a long belated follow up to Just Another Way to Die: A Woman Walking By. The runners are to break into the facility in the heart of D.C., and breach an underground prison, where dangerous mages are being kept and studied, recover the Notorious Blood Mage, Raymond Ortega, retrieve his unusual Athame, and escape to the Anacostia Barrens, where extraction is waiting. To help the runners in this endeavor, MCT has previously captured Raymond Ortega's sister, who was planning an operation similar to this, and who Raymond Ortega thinks will be rescuing him. To facilitate his willing extraction, the runners are to pretend that they are being hired by Azatlan to rescue him, and are given a code phrase extracted from Ortega to sell the ruse.

The team relocates to D.C., and begins their preparations. They note that the Facility is masquerading as a low level Draco Foundation office and data processing firm, but that it is receiving a bulk shipment of food into the facility multiple times a day. They track the food delivery down to Barry's Farm Warehousing, which stores and ships food to commercial properties all over D.C., and discover that the Draco contract has unusual stipulations for it's delivery personnel, like having to submit to a background test, and no Non-UCAS SIN's allowed. This leaves only a small pool of drivers who are acceptable, and the runners interview one of them to get a better idea of what's inside.

The team also notes that the facility is along the river shore of the Potomac, and decide that extraction by watercraft is the best alternative to escaping the notoriously gridlocked D.C. To help with their escape, they recruit Mike the Train Conductor who also drives Boats, to drive a boat for them. MCT arranges to outfit Mike with an Aztech Nightrunner to further sell the ruse. Realizing that their target is underground, and that HTR will cut off their escape route back up into the facility, they decide to prep an escape tunnel under the river and into the facility.

Growth magically conceals the team as they prepare to smuggle themselves into the facility with the daily food shipments, while he has to use the tunnel, as his extensive cyberware threatens to trip sensors. The team is taken down into the kitchens of the facility, where they emerge and are confronted by heavily armed and armored security. As the team overcomes this first obstacle and reunites, the find out that the prison is below them, alerted to their presence and preparing their defenses.

The team meet the corp-sec head on, and are initially stymied, until Growth mob minds the entire security contingent. While Growth is momentarily in charge of the security force, his use of mind magic trips a countermeasure, and all of the security team is killed by cortex bombs to prevent such an occurrence. The team is able to disable the countermeasures, and find Ortega in his cell. He is initially violent and impulsive, but the threat of force and the code phrase calm him long enough for them to retrieve his Athame, which was being studied in a lab contained in the facility. From there, just as HTR is preparing to rappel down the elevator shafts and engage them, they are able to make their way to the escape tunnel.

The runners surface in the lake, and are picked up by Mike the Train Conductor who also drives boats, and taken to the barrens without attracting any attention. They hand over Ortega, who is promptly stunned unconscious and readied for transport, while the runners collect their money and make their way back to Seattle. Mike the Train Conductor who also drives boats keeps the Nightrunner as his reward for a job well done.

Just Another Way to Die: The Man on Your Side

Completed onSeptember 19, 2018 +
GMUser:Ice Hawk +
Had runnerGrowth +, Garo +, Monty + and Omega +
Has nameJust Another Way to Die: The Man on Your Side +