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Gender Female
Race Human, Japanese
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 6.0
Primary Role Jack of all trades
Secondary Role Combatant
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User: Axiomshift
Street Cred {{{10}}}


Jack of all trades with delusions, all of the delusions as she desperately seeks for her own version of the truth.



A former corporate researcher that does not remember her own past, disappeared several years ago and was just recently found by Mono stumbling around Seattle.

Notable Qualities


Not mechanical but roleplayed qualities:


Kiki doesn't really remember much before finding herself wandering the streets of Seattle cold, alone and hungry. Thankfully this didn't last for too long as Kiki would have very likely died if it hadn't been for a familiar face appearing out of the smog. Kiki had no idea why the face seemed familiar as she had never seen this person in her entire life, but such is fate. They lived together for a few months and eventually went on a life changing journey. Kiki lost much on this journey and once again ended up by herself with many gaps in what had happened the last few months. All she knows now is that she is missing something she should have. The pain of memory keeps Kiki hiding from her past self as she looks to find some peace in a new life.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Gray haired human female wearing a usually wearing what almost appears to be homemade student uniforms. Natural eye color is gray.
  • Astral form: A even more idealized version of herself, slightly glowing.
  • Astral signature: Symbolizes the rod of asclepius
  • Matrix persona: ???
  • Styles and symbols known for:


Very self restrained and humble usually, only really becomes much too forward when pop culture becomes part of the conversation.


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Great Deeds

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Important People and Things Murdered

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Name: Kiki

Chargen: Prime

Facts about "Kiki"
Chargen typePrime +
Has auraMundane +
Has genderFemale +
Has metaHuman, Japanese +
Has nameKiki +
Has roleJack of all trades +
Played byUser:Axiomshift +