Kill the Czars and His Ministers

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 16
Date: 20/10/18

Shinji Imagawa has hired the runners to set a security for a high level meeting between multiple crime families to stop the violence in The Price of Everything and The Value of Nothing. The Immagawa-Gumi is holding the meeting at an abandoned monastery in Snohomish, where the Sun-On-Yee, and newly minted Romanov crime families will accept the surrender of the much beleaguered Stalinov family. The meeting however is a trap for Shinji's rival, Ujizane Mitsuomo, who is planning to attack it. Shinji has arranged for another member of the Clan. Genji Nakamura to take his place at the negotiations, to witness the attack. He has hired the runners to make sure that his witness both experiences the attack and survives to report back about Ujizane's betrayal. He also wishes for the Stalinov family not to survive the evening, just to tie up that loose end.

The runners begin their preparations by examining the location of the meeting. They set up a security station, and set sensors all around the exterior. Then Growth begins to use shape stone to craft deep tunnels under the premises, so that they can escape with their VIP after the attack has begun. While they are beginning their preparations, Brick notices a decker trying to get a mark on him, and a matrix battle ensues. Brick manages to link-lock the enemy decker long enough for Geodesic to run a trace, and the team spots an enemy runner team in a van outside their meeting area gathering intelligence.

The team assaults and captures the enemy runners, and learn that they were hired by Ujizane Mitsuomo, and decide to fake communications to their employer, encouraging him to proceed with the attack, feeding him false information that will make him easier to escape. On the night of the meeting, all the parties arrive, and just as they are setting down to buisness, rockets strike the monastery. Ujizane himself leads the attack, forcing Wan to duel him in hand to hand combat as Brick carries the VIP, and Growth finishes the tunnels so that they can escape. When they are safely away, Wan breaks off the engagement to catch up with the others and make her escape as well.

The runners are able to get the VIP to safety, well after he witnessed Ujizane at the attack, and went to see his Oyabun to have the traitor excommunicated. Shinji is thrilled with the runners performance. The Stalinov family was killed in the attack, and their territory has been split between the Sun-On-Yee triad, and the new Romanov Vory.

Kill the Czars and His Ministers

Completed onOctober 20, 0018 JL +
GMUser:Ice Hawk +
Had runnerGrowth +, Wan +, Geodesic + and Brick +
Has nameKill the Czars and His Ministers +