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Gender Male
Race Elf, American
Aura Type
"Combat Cybertechnician" is not in the list (Mundane, Adept, Magician, Mystic Adept, Technomancer, Aspected) of allowed values for the "Has aura" property.
Essence .75
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Cyber/Meditech
Character Sheet [| Character Folder]
Player User:Azaael


A sort of 'Combat Tech'-particularly a cyber/meditech type. Can tweak and deal with various cyberware while also putting down a lot of hurt with his own creations.


Blood Spattered Warrior  : When he fights, he usually ends up with quite a bit of blood all over.

You Gotta Have Green Hair  : And green orbs for cybereyes, why not?

Ludicrous Gibs : Tends to be left when he's done with enemies.

Long Haired Pretty Boy  : Yep.

Extremity Extremist : While his arm has some blades in it, he mostly fights with his legs.


  • Old corporate ties can come into play.
  • Definitely looking to pad his wallet to improve the 'ware he has, replace his torso as well, and go completely nuts with his legs.
  • Is likely to jump on any job requiring cyberware.
  • A vast variety of morals, thinking nothing of letting his talons loose on an entire gang attacking him but refuses to abide by immoral medical activity.

Notable Qualities

  • College Education: MIT&T for a full eight years.
  • Revels in Murder: There is something about the way his augmented limbs-mostly adapted by himself and even the blades have been customized by him-deal with soft, squishy forms...
  • Distinctive Style: There is no hiding this guy; stretched out, he's damn near eight feet tall, with his penchant for green and oh yeah the giant freakin' legs. (They are rather beefy and bulky.)
  • Impassive: So much 'ware-of varying quality due to his financial situation-had done a number on his brain. Also see Revels in Murder.
  • Signature: He can't help leaving behind bloody claw marks when he does something.
  • Favored(Augmented folks): Simply put he trusts metal more than meat. Even cyber over bioware, when you get down to it.


Keith Wagner was born to a middle-class household of elves in Calfree in 2050; an only child living a relatively bland life until high-school. He was quite the smart fellow and had a penchant for putting things together; some sort of technician, perhaps, they thought. In his shop class this changed; actually dealing with a vehicle one day the lift broke and crashed down, shattering Keith's legs.

Tthe school settled out of court-it was sort of their fault, and Keith not only ended up with quite the nest egg, but a pretty decent set of legs out of it. He soon discovered how much cyberware fascinated him(and how it felt, they were stronger than meat), and this essentially formed his future potential career. Getting a scholarship thanks to a medium-sized corp(who he usually doesn't speak about) when they were looking for 'recruits', he ended up in MIT&T for his scholastic career.

Graduating after years of cyberware and medical study, he was handed over to the corp as payment for the scholarship. It had strings, of course. Nothing to do but his work, which he buried himself in-all while using his skills and resources(and a bit of a down-low doctor he met) to have a little fun customizing his legs to be stronger and actually pretty dangerous if necessary. It was good practice for him, as well.

When put on a project that was secret, he didn't think much of it until he discovered what he was working on(developing cyberware that was basically a nastier version of a personafix system, possibly to be used for nastier...bunraku endeavors.) Angered at his discovery and wanting nothing more to do with it, he made a plan to leave with who he thought was a trusted friend...who ended up selling him out. After a fight, the traitorous friend, the guards, and several of the more nefarious people on the project were left dead and in bloody pieces around him, as his practice and augmentations had ended up serving him very well.

Bailing quickly and leaving about everything behind except for a large rucksack of items, he ended up in Seattle, laying low and throwing himself into his work, becoming almost obsessed with augmentations and tweaking. Developing his now-insanely augmented limbs further, he decided to sell what skills he could-some medicine, cyber repair or a strong set of legs to kill things with-to anyone who needed them.

Appearance and Style

Killswitch is quite the prettyboy of an elf in his late twenties; he seems to favor the color green given his cybereyes are colored bright green, his hair is fairly long and green, and he even ended up with a green, tribal like tattoo on his face. Occasionally glasses are worn(more for the fashion if anything, though they do have augments he uses.) If he's 'in the lab' so to speak he does often throw on the white coat for technicalities, though he's often seen in sleeveless or t-shirts(often with some unreadable band logo emblazoned somewhere.) Otherwise he wears a black armored longcoat outdoors and has other extra armor bits. When necessary, his custom ballistic mask is designed to look somewhat like a terrifying version of Hannibal Lecter's mask.

Killswitch's legs are the current work of art. While his arms are are heavily arranged and augmented, his legs are the true draw; two very large and heavily tweaked up digitgrade legs much like a raptor. They're quite long(fully stretched he easily hits eight feet tall, where he's a little over seven normally); they end in large, raptor-like feet, complete with retractable blades literally everywhere(a massive spur on the back which retracts against his ankle, and claws in the front that can snap back mostly. The modified rear claws double as foot anchors(mechanically they're fluffed foot anchors.)

Made of a sleek, pale metal, they're often seen through his usual knee-length cargos. (They're pale so long as they aren't covered in blood and other bits, which can be fairly often depending.) He uses his cybertech skill to continue customizing his body to where he wants it-he has some particularly lofty goals for the legs to push them to even nastier levels.

He has a penchant for underground black metal music and will often go out of his way to catch a gig when he can, and owns several shirts with indecipherable logos on it. Usually in his spare time he relaxes with this, some sort of hard alcohol when he can get ahold of it, or reading the latest journals of cyberware and tinkering with it-for him, that's relaxing-and practicing his self-made combat style with his legs. He freelances sometimes as a doc who will patch people up for a very small fee. His more spectacular attacks involve coming down on an enemy from a rather dangerous height.

Matrix Persona: A helmeted, heavily cybered individual with long, neon green hair.


Killswitch is a very odd combination of morals. While he thinks of nothing of turning enemies or hired targets into bloody gibs with his prized creations and actually often enjoys it(his excessive 'ware has left him with several disturbed mental twists), and to him individuals just...exist as biological entities of flesh and bone, he cannot abide by people in medicine doing things that are too immoral. (A little amorality is necessary in the field of cyberware, but he draws the line.) He will put a stop to it if he sees things like torturous medical testing and the like. (Repurposing parts of already dead people is part of the job.) He tends to trust metal more than meat these days, though for him going for the 'jarhead' method is almost cheating; it's more 'fun' to try to walk the line of keeping at least a bit of one's body and taking it to the limit. Likewise, using cyberware to enslave people enrages him; hence his ending up in the shadows to begin with. (The butchering of Technomancers for medical study is another particular enraged point of his.) It may be strange to an outsider because he will think nothing of killing several security guards who are threats if they attack(note: Superhuman Psychosis does state that he does not necessarily go out of the way to do this), and in the same night use his medical skills to save a team-mate as hey, they're skilled for one, two, they can always come back stronger, and three, hey, it's biz and he's got a job to do. (If doing so to lightly cybered individuals, he would probably go on to remind them about the joys of 'ware fixing what ails them.)

The use of medical knowledge for immoral things does not sit well with him simply because it's supposed to be used to make more powerful people, not just to pad a corporation's wallet(which is what a lot of the nastier activities come to.) 'Enslaving' types of cyberware is not making people better; it's used by cowards to not fight their own battles.

All of this said, Killswitch is aware of laws and how things work and won't just walk down the street offing anyone. He, in fact, can be quite amicable to people whom he counts as his acquaintances and team-mates. He's clearly genius-level intelligence, and tends to go past gallows humor and into black for his topics. His range of conversation can run from highly technical cybertechnology to music to what happens when a long, curved blade enters between someone's eyes.

His excessive 'ware-a lot of it got back when he became obsessed with the idea and unable to get the best he could-has affected him noticeably mentally. He can be distant and the way he sometimes describes what he does to people in combat in medical detail can occasionally make slightly more squeamish people uneasy, and the fact he gets far more upset about someone actively mistreating cyberware(combat aside, more like just not maintaining it or whatnot), or some other menial things(like a poor alcohol selection at a bar) than he does being covered in brain matter is likewise a little disturbing.

Killswitch is not the ideal guy for social situations, though he's able to function in society; he's simply a little sardonic and weird. He maintains a middle lifestyle near the Tacoma district, and it's more a converted warehouse that he keeps his cybertech facility in, along with his armorer shop and other tools. It's more utilitarian than anything. His other identity is that of a 'medical courier/part time paramedic', one who specializes in more rough areas(he has his stuff all licensed, his weapons are either legal-foot anchors are legal-or restricted, and licensed because his line of work can be dangerous.) His legs allow him speedy movement through terrain ambulances can't get to is another bit of the cover.


"It's not that hard to maintain cyberware. Maybe you'd consider investing a bit of time into learning how to do it rather than letting it go to rust."

(wiping blood off his face somewhat) "He really shouldn't have moved. I'd have simply dropped down and likely just severed one of his arteries with a talon, yes, but it could have been taken care of. But, well, his head ended up in the way. Metal is easy to clean, at least."

"I added a new blade today. Let's take it for a...test-drive, perhaps?"

"The first couple of albums are usually the best. I have no idea why that is. Can't blame them for wanting cred, though."

Goals And Motivations

  • Continue to improve and augment his body. Get that torso replaced too.
  • Continue perfecting his legs, which are his true sort of creation. more power, more speed, whatever it takes. Try to create stronger and more efficient blades for them.
  • Eventually considering opening a sort of cyberclinic one day.

Great Deeds

None yet.


None (Yet)

Important People and Things Murdered

None in current runs. In the past? Heh.

Kevin Abendroth: Elven 'medical courier.' Part time paramedic. (those legs-a mix of legal and able to have permits-help him move fast.)

Licenses: Automatic Weapons, Medical, Large Blades, Restricted Cyberware, Concealed Carry, Restricted Substances

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


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Raymond Ortenz4
Mah Yun2

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DateNameWorked With
30 April 2018Feels RightJ6
20 May 2018Voodoo Song (Run)Actaeon

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Name: Killswitch

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