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Gender Female
Race Human, Japanese
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4
Primary Role Stealthy Hacker
Secondary Role Information Forger
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:SCKoNi


A shy, socially awkward hacker girl with a penchant for getting into places she's not supposed to. It might not all be about the thrill for her, there's some baggage in her head that she hasn't gotten rid of, but that doesn't stop her from enjoy what she does immensely. If she goes too far though, she'll make sure to send an awkward apology.



  • Trying to make a name for herself in the Matrix underworld
  • Bit of a shark, especially towards other runners

Notable Qualities

  • "I prefer the library, it's quiet" Technical School Education + Analytical Mind
  • "Caught a cold in summer" Weak Immune System
  • "Traumatic Past" Phobia (Fire) + Social Stress

Not mechanical but roleplayed qualities:

  • Online Artist: "Here, I made this ship from... anyway they look perfect together! ...don't you think?"
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat: "Hey so... I kinda cracked your comm-link. You're not mad right?"
  • Disheveled: "Oh... yeah, I forgot to wash this. Or take out the trash. Or..."
  • Addiction: Hot-Sim VR: "It's cold outside and... I have some stuff I gotta do first."


Raised by her uncle after a fire took the lives of her parents, Kouryuu found solace in the Matrix from an early age. She was a reclusive child and it remained with her during her teens. Diligent and possessed of an exceptionally sharp mind, she could have graduated with honors from any university in the country. That was until she found her way into the seedy underbelly of the Japanese Matrix and discovered her true passion. Decking became as natural to Kouryuu as breathing, perhaps even more so. But she made a mistake, and to protect her uncle she burned her SIN and traveled out of the country. Perhaps in Seattle she can make a fresh start.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Average height with pale skin and a relatively cute face, though marred by an unkempt look and no sense of fashion. Wears a smart-wig to hide her real hair with blue being her preferred color. Multiple jackets, scarves and gloves are common among the clothes she wears.
  • Astral form: Mundane, so probably just a wispy form of her meat appearance.
  • Astral signature: See above.
  • Matrix persona: [Black Rock Shooter]
  • Styles and symbols known for: Dresses in a distinctly anime style, all the way to her casemodded cyberears designed to look like big headphones


Shy, introverted, and awkward when put on the spot. She does have her talkative moments though, especially on topics that she finds interest in or hasn't heard about before. Being quite inquisitive she can often blurt out questions that she later apologizes for profusely. Though she might never admit it, she does actually enjoy the company of others, even if she has a tendency to shut down if someone is being even casually flirty towards her.


  • Finding secrets and exposing them to the world
  • Subverting the system, feeling in control
  • Escape from reality


  • Work as an information broker
  • Be part of a big hacker group
  • Finally see that OTP she's pushing kiss on screen

Great Deeds

(None Yet)


  • Aoi Neko (her public nickname on forums)
  • Queen Lathanas of the Green Lotus (Lvl 100 Elf Mage on BladeArt VR™)

Important People and Things Murdered

(None Yet)

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
14 October 2017 14:00:00Bad NameMononoke
Spark ;)
18 October 2017Speedline Miracle MasterpieceAshurbanipal
7 November 2017To Save Another LifeAshurbanipal

Facts and Fictions

Things said and known about them

WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
Failed to do the job and even sold off all the information about itYarsack IronmasterShadow Community3100Asteroid Blues III

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Quotes Involving Them


Name: Kouryuu

Chargen: Standard

Awakened: Mundane