Lady Gray

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Gender Female
Race Elf, Irish
Aura Type Adept
Essence 4
Primary Role Street Samurai
Secondary Role Infiltrator
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Evilexecutive
Street Cred 0

Chummer Files: [[2]]


Alcoholic Irish Elf with Rocket thrusters for feet, and swords for knees.


She is fully capable of crushing a man's skull between her military-grade cyberlegs.

Not only can she crush your head between her thighs like a watermelon, but said thighs also have a variety of deadly weapons!


Loreena is exceedingly likely to get thrown out of bars about twenty beers in, or find herself in an almost daily bar-fight.

Notable Qualities

  • Tough and Targeted
  • Prejudiced(Biased): Non-Elves
  • SINner(National): Tir na nOg
  • Simsense Vertigo


Loreena is one of the original elves born during UGE, with a birthdate of December 26th, 2011, in Belmullet Ireland. Not much is known of her early childhood, save that she spent it in the same rural coastal town as her birth place. In 2034 she joined the newly formed Tir na nOg military, and was discharged from it eight years later after an antipersonel mine took off her legs. The girl saved up her pension and disability money from the forced retirement on a pair of cyberlegs, and by the 2070s her pension had begun to run out. With the last of her pension money, the girl paid a smuggler to take her on a plane to the UCAS, and away from the constant political issues facing the elven nation.

Appearance and Style

  • [Physical Appearance] Loreena goes to great pains to make sure her appearance is impeccable. She dresses up in lavishly expensive kelvar suits, frequenting surgical centers to maintain her seemingly perfect skin. But underneath it, she has a great many scars that give her no small amount of grief. The Elf's Chrome legs are rarely left in the open, always kept covered up. Each of her outfits sport a black beret with unit patch(A claymore crossed against a rifle), still lovingly maintained from her old military days. During shadowruns, her hair is tucked into a single ponytail, and she wears a ballistic mask with white porcelain style colouring. It is sculpted into the iconic irish image of the folk hero Cuchulainn.
  • [Matrix] Loreena's a certified matrix newb. Given that she starts vomiting the moment she enters the matrix, the elf's avatar is the default medieval peasant from her Transys Avalon.
  • [Astral] Loreena's astral form takes the appearance of a gossamer-clad elf, a nude winged creature who isn't completely all there. It's even missing both legs, and a lot of fingers...


Loreena is an absolute sweetheart of an elf, when sober. Thankfully she's almost never completely sober, otherwise she'd have to put up a thin veneer of civilization and girlish charm that's typical of most elves. Instead she is an incredibly boisterous, highly masculine woman that loves drinking, fighting, and fucking. In that particular order, and sometimes several of those at a time. Her favorite poison is Fireball whiskey.


Enough money to buy her next bottle, and fix up the scars on her cheek from the last bar fight. Someday she's gunna buy an entire bar, and therefore obtain infinite liqour.



Brigid O'Connor

Adept License, Concealed Carry License, Restricted Cyberware License, Large Blade License, Pistol License, Bounty Hunter License, Driver's License, Automatic Weapon License

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Frau Erika6
Blánaid Mhic Niadh1
Ardghar hAllmhuráin1

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DateNameWorked With
11 January 2019Territorial AcquisitionsJazz
Lady Gray


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+20 GMP(6000 nuyen, 18 Karma), first downtime: 1x Training, 3x Leisure, 1x Miscelany 1x Improve Loyalty

Name: Loreena Lacklain

Chargen: Standard

Awakened: Awakened

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