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Lark 300.jpg
Gender Male
Race Human, English
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Face
Secondary Role Marksman
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Swallow
Street Cred 0


A semi-specialised English Adept that's capable of doing almost anything... Except punch things.


We Can Laugh About It Lark believes that it's important to enjoy your work... Even if it involves questionable activities, ethically unreasonable wetwork and ballistics-assisted relocation and redistribution initiatives. You've just gotta enjoy the little things.

Gottfrid Phoenix For the Defence, M'Ludd Yes, he's an extremely gifted adept with a knack for manipulating others and a sense for deceit and danger that is quite literally supernatural... But let's be honest, he's a bit weird at the best of times. In a more literal sense of the trope he also managed to impersonate a defence lawyer, bluffing well enough to pull off a successful turnabout in a murder trial with no prior experience and only half a day's worth of frantic cramming and preperation. Sadly, he didn't have cat ears at the time, though he did wear his hairclips in court.

Hold Up Lads, I've Got An Idea Give him (read as: me) an excuse to go full heist as well as the allies, equipment and patience to pull it off and interesting things are likely to happen. Even if a full-blown Caper is out of the question, expect Lark to utilise con artist tricks when it looks like it'll help the group out.

Tie It Tight, Then Wait One of Lark's favourite tricks due to it's low cost and hideous effects on an unprepared opponent... Stretching reinforced monowire across rural highways in preperation for the biker gang's approach, or utilising it as an extremely cruel makeshift garotte. To Lark, microwire is a slightly more murder-friendly version of duct tape.

No, I Don't Have A Tail. Stop Asking As an Adept from a family of Mages and the occasional MysAd, a young Richard grew up around magic, and so when a giant cat showed up and started talking to him, he didn't really question it as much as he probably should have. Cut to a decade or so later, and he's gone fully feral, with a mixture of Mentor's Mask and a vat-job in Japan resulting in him bearing the fangs and features of his mentor spirit... Even if he keeps them mostly hidden under his hood.


ZedBlock: Zoe could be almost anywhere at this point. As Lark's younger sister, she is one of the few members of the Tabbs family to not have manifested any significant magical talent... Instead, she's opted to persue a life of tippy-tapping and datajack-based hijinks as a full-time hacktivist. Lark has absolutely no idea what this involves, but it's worth mentioning that she was responsible for getting him to Seattle and setting him up with his first fixers... And that was back when she was only part-time.

She's never run into any trouble before, but who can say when that might change?

Finch the Cactus Cat: Early on in his running career, Lark was hired to 'liberate' a collection of genetically-altered creatures from a lab in Mexico. The creatures turned out to be cactus kittens, and in a stunning display of professionalism and runner ethics in action, Lark decided to keep one of the kittens. His life has been a lot more spiky ever since that.

Despite taking an online course about how to care for various paracritters, a reasonably sturdy runner physique capable of withstanding irritable poking and utilising his training and techniques to form an excellent relationship with his new pet, eventually Finch grew up... And it's hard to keep a fully grown Cactus Cat (About the size of a mountain lion, if you were curious) in downtown Seattle. Forced to rely on a friend, Lark left Finch with Jill, the second-in-command of the Rooks, an Everett-based gang. With the money that Lark provided, they've apparently outfitted a decent chunk of a small warehouse with UV spotlights and a bunch of sand, scrub-bushes and a couple of deck-chairs. Most of the Rooks sport a healthy tan these days.

With his sister on the other side of the world (Hopefully) with the rest of the Tabbs, Finch is the closest thing to family that Lark has... And he's fiercely protective of her, and by extension the Rooks. Threats against either could be dangerous.

Ooh, Shiny! Having successfully blown his savings on a round-the-world trip and an extensive and expensive and extensive stay in a mid-tier Japanese biosculpting facility, Lark's pretty much running on empty... He may be an Awakened individual, but he's an Adept that depends quite heavily on tools, gadgets and weaponry... Plus it might be nice not to have to slum it in Everett with the Rooks. Lark needs cash and equipment: Fast... And he's not afraid to take on the darker jobs in order to get it.

Notable Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit/Mentor's Mask: Lark's mentor spirit is Malkin, a relatively large black cat (Imagine a 10/20ft black tabby and you'll get the image) with a friendly disposition and apparent high expectations of his Adept. Considering that Lark is two paws and a tail away from resembling his Mentor, those expectations may be justified.
  • Distinctive Style: He's English, has had cat-like mannerisms and amber eyes since he was a teenager and has recently gained feline fangs and cat ears. He's pretty damned distinctive.
  • Allergic to Soy: It's only mild, but it's still a bit annoying


This is likely to be a long thing. I'll get around to it.

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Sheila Rescue

A Series of Unfortunate Runs: Volunteers Needed


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Ashley Simmons (R4)

Adept License (R4), Weapon License (R4)

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Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
The Wong Brothers4
Mr. Northerind Johnson1
J.B. Croften2
Jonathan and Hamish1
Samantha Sewell1
Arashi Usagi5

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DateNameWorked With
19 January 2019Sheila RescueSongbird
23 January 2019A Series Of Unfortunate Runs: Volunteers NeededJet
26 January 2019Long WinterGrowth
28 January 2019Rough StartMononoke
30 January 2019Dance, Puppets (Run)Lark
3 February 2019War, Children, Is Just A Shot AwayLeaf
5 February 2019A Dying WorldLark

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Name: Richard Tabbs

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened

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