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Gender Female
Race Wakyambi, Azanian
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Combat Adept
Secondary Role B&E
Character Sheet Character Sheet
Player User:Jigurd
Street Cred 0


Surged Wakyambi laser adept



Notable Qualities

  • Astral Beacon
  • Thrillseeker
  • Social Stress (Wakyambi)
  • Critter Spook
  • Symbiosis


Wakyambi who was exiled on account of being "cursed", what with her blue hair and strange powers. Right out of her homeland she spent some time in Kenya, where she met a young Ares astronaut. They got along well, and he introduced her to the wonderful world of Ares beam weaponry. Has lived in the wider world for almost ten years now.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Tall dark-skinned woman with blue hair.
  • Astral form: ?
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: The default on whatever device she is using
  • Styles and symbols known for:


Self-sufficient, interested in learning about tech, interested in trying new things.


Get away from living in a cardboard box.

Find a place that welcomes her after her tribe threw her out.


Bert Rodriguez

R1, Issuing Country field is blank - knife license - magic boi license

Automatic Stuff



Name: Sally Location: Seattle Relationship: Smuggler Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Ork (Hobgoblin) Sex: Female Age: Middle-Aged Type of connection: Networking Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Hobbies/Vice: Cars

Enemies: none


  • Name': Real McCoy[1] Location: Redmond Relationship: Fixer

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Age: Young Type of connection: Networking

  • Name: Alan Thatcher Location: Seattle Relationship: Industrial agricultural goods

Connection: 3 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Type of connection: Gear

  • Name: Cynthia Fennet[2] Location: Seattle Relationship: Attorney

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 6 Metatype: Elf Sex: Female 'Type of connection: Service - Negotation

  • Name: Hopscotch [3] Location: Seattle Relationship: Made Man

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 4 Metatype: Human Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Networking/Retail Illegal Gear

  • Name: Jessup[4] Location: Seattle Relationship: Armorer

Connection: 6 Loyalty: 4 Metatype: Human Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Gear - Armor and Clothing

  • Name: Biter [5] Location: Redmond Relationship: Gun Runner & Body Disposal

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Ghoul Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Gun Runner & Body Disposal

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

  • GM Bulldog
  • Suzuki Mirage
  • 2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone
  • MCT Fly-Spy
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation


  • Jessica Beaumont (4), UCAS


DateNameWorked With
1 May 2020Wee Woo 2 (run)Hell Jumper
23 June 2020Bayou Blues (run)Nines
La Cazadora


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Name: Lola

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened

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