Lost And Found

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GM: User:Jigurd Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 30th March 2018

Get hired by a Johnson who looks like an Asian Donald Sutherland and told to go into a metaplane to retrieve 3 magical items that are sentient and can talk. The magical items were hidden in a metaplane that aimed to simulate a glorious Chinese kingdom with magical items and critters equivalent to modern day technology. Due to reasons of magical corruption, the current emperor had been the cause of a large amount of corruption and suffering, which Organized Crime in the "Shadows" of this place were very wary of dealing with. After meeting with these elements, the runners infiltrated the palace, stole the items and made away with them them quickly while being chased by "dragons" (LAVs). In the end, the Johnson turned out to be some sort of analogy to Sauron, but because the items in question were not inherently evil, they decided not to betray the Johnson.

For the Journey to the East: A powerful lieutenant of the Dark Forces has risen and will aid him in dealing with the increasingly powerful opposition that aims to protect the balance of the Five Sacred Mountains.

Journey To The East

Lost And Found