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Gender Female
Race Ork, CFS
Aura Type Adept
Essence 3.10
Primary Role Street Samurai
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [Char Sheet]
Player User:Madotsuki
Street Cred 0


A goddamn paladin. She fights for justice with a kind smile and really nasty swordsmanship.


Knight in Shining Armor

Sheltered Aristocrat

My Species Doth Protest Too Much


  • Her family founded an arms company, Newhouse Arms Manufacturing, which isn't quite the corporation it used to be but still does a not insignificant amount of business in CalFree.
  • Is kind of obsessive, which Dragonslayer turns to obsession over the ideals of JUSTICE.
  • Doesn't really understand that the corporate system that raised her isn't helping those ideals

Notable Qualities

Privileged Family Name

Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer)

Trog Traitor

Code of Honor (Paladin's Code)


Clarissa was born into the somewhat well-to-do Newhouse family. The granddaughter of the founder of the once A-rated Newhouse Arms, she never experienced much in the way of hardship growing up. Though the company had lost most relevance since the start of Saito's regime under her father's mismanagement, various contract work kept income from being a worry. Of course, since her human older brother was expected to take over the company, her parents didn't see much use in paying attention to her. This was doubly so once she goblinized at age 11, inheriting the Orkish metatype her mother had tried to hide. All that was important for her to do, she was taught, was look nice, stay presentable, and stay out of the way. Even the spark of magic she began to show wasn't enough to win their respect.

As one could expect, by the time Clarissa came of age, she was drowning in ennui. She never had to have a use, but she was tired of being useless. She began to crave adventure. And according to all those trashy trids, the shadows were the place to find it. She geared up, trained some, cashed out a bit from the lavish trust fund her parents had set up to provide for her, travelled to Seattle... and on her first run nearly got fragged. One well-placed grenade and she was on the floor, three limbs blown off and bleeding out.

Clarissa managed to drag herself to safety and call the street doc her brother got his novacoke from for help. As she lay in the clinic, stabilized and preparing for cyberlimb surgery, she felt a calling. She had dreams of people suffering, of monsters. As she witnessed them, a presence grew closer. When it reached her, she saw herself armored and ready for battle. She slew the monsters and took the wounds of the people into herself. As she woke up with three new, fancy cyberlimbs (paid for by draining most of the rest of her fund), she realized that something powerful was guiding her, and she had every intention of following.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Slender build, a bit tall even for an Ork woman. Soft, pale skin, left from her old life of luxury. Long, straight brown hair parted to the side. Dark blue, slightly wide-set eyes, Gentle facial features with small (but still visible) tusks. Her remaining arm is weak compared to her cyberlimbs, producing an unbalanced look. Prefers to venture forth in her full armor, slightly modified to look somewhat like plate armor. Speaks with a slightly forced politeness, which turns to unnecessary monologues when confronted with WICKEDNESS.
  • Astral form: Her astral form looks a bit like an angel, due to the influence of Dragonslayer (which appears as the archangel Michael to her), and is spotted with starlike points of light.
  • Matrix persona: Her Matrix persona is a knight in full armor, more like something out of a fantasy game than out of real life. It's customized with symbols of Dragonslayer and of eight-pointed stars.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Her "emblem" is a white eight-pointed star. She mostly prefers to rep Dragonslayer, though, and it's imagery evoking him that adorns the fucking plate armor she wears into battle (and her shield, which she lovingly painted herself).


On the surface, she's caring, polite, and friendly. Deep down... she's still that, but she's got an emptiness and sense of ennui which cause her to obsess and latch onto any form of relevance she can get for herself. Her innate desire to do good (and the guidance of Dragonslayer) pushes that obsession to positive ends. She's willing to justify acts of questionable moral standing as for the greater good to a point, but she doesn't fully believe it herself, and dislikes doing so.


Lueur runs to fill the void in her soul and to help those in need. Whether she can find a sense of fulfillment is debatable, and there'll always be people in need somewhere. Also, she might even be able to help out her family's company, despite not being considered important to it at all!


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Elizabeth Greene

Bounty Hunter's License, Adept license, Driver's license, Restricted armor license, Restricted augmentations license, Drug license

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Kyrie Spiderbane2
Laurence Newhouse3
Xiao Xiaoyu1

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Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
12 December 2018Santa's Little HelpersRed Rat
21 December 2018Shooting StarsLueur
3L T1GR3
27 December 2018Our Kind Of TraitorGrowth


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Name: Clarissa Newhouse

Chargen: Sum to 11

Awakened: Awakened

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